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Fascism in Europe Failed?

Usually people talk about the rise of it.. I'm planning on writing an essay about fascism..

What would be good arguments (3 arguments) for this question: ' Why did fascism fail in Europe?'

and if you know any good books that would help me in the essay then please share that too..

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    People do talk about the rise of Fascism, but usually they have a very narrow understanding of the economic and political aspects of this ideology. Before you jump the gun, Fascism as an ideology may have failed the German people, and the Italian people, but this is not the end of the story. Allow me to introduce to you two European Fascist dictators who were allowed to rule long after Mussolini was shot and then strung up and Hitler blew his brain out rather than face the Red Army.

    Francisco Franco of Spain: Under Franco, all political parties and labor unions were banned, books were burned, and dissenters were tortured and executed. Spain was ostracized by the international community, but the U.S. considered Franco a Cold War ally and sank millions into the country. After Franco's death in 1975, Spain became a democratic republic once again.

    Antonio De Oliveira Salazar of Portugal: Antonio de Oliveira Salazar must have been upset when the Allies won World War II and he had to take the autographed picture of his hero, Benito Mussolini, off his desk. Salazar worshipped Hitler and Mussolini, but after they lost, he joined the Allies and became a card carrying member of NATO. However, he always kept a piece of fascism alive in Portugal. His secret police, the PIDE, were much like the Gestapo; concentration camps were set up for "enemies of the state"; news organizations were merely propaganda machines; and all schools had their lesson plans carefully monitored by Big Brother.

    Salazar also kept a little piece of the dark ages alive in Western Europe. In 1970, 30% of the population was illiterate, and the infant mortality rate was the second worst in Europe. The Portuguese economy stagnated. Most of the land was held by 5% of the population, the vast majority of Portuguese were working in agriculture, and all union activities were forbidden.

    Portugal was the last stronghold of European colonialism. Salazar refused to give up colonies in East Timor, Portuguese Guiana, Mozambique, and Angola. He believed "the "white man" must bring higher civilization to the "black man". The U.S. openly backed Portugal's colonial claims due to the strategic importance of military bases such as the one in the Portuguese Azores. Salazar died in 1968, after 40 years in power.

    The two before me are well-known trolls here on Y!A who frequently give one-word or one-sentence opinions as "answers." It seems neither one knows anything about the subject Fascism, and their only "contribution" is to convince you that "socialism failed" It's a real shame when people like this are given "Top Contributor" status when time after time they have nothing to contribute.

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    Fascism was defeaated.

    A.T. gave the right answer hitting the nail straight. Gen. Franco had a job on hand to restore Spain to normalcy. He had zero choice. Anyway the Spanish Empire didn't amount to much.

    In Portugal Antonio de Oliveira Salazar was different. Portugal had a substantial Empire with Mozambique & Angola leading like a tail wagging the dog (Portugal). A.T.'s listing (East Timor, Portuguese Guinea, Mozambique, and Angola) had a significant omission - the enclaves Goa, Diu & Daman in India. Indian PM, Nehru reasoned with Portugal peacefully. In 1953 the French enclaves (Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam, Mahe & Chandernagore, all medium or small towns) were peacefully transferred to India and as per the undertaking are being maintained as a single seperate province. Following Gandhi's methods, armed with 'non-violence' volunteers crossed the border to enter (Portuguese) Goa & demonstrate or urge the authorities to transfer these to India and were shot dead. Portuguese were not British. Two more enclaves -Dadra & Nagar Haveli, because they were surrounded by India were merged in India. But Goa, Diu & Daman with sea-front had Portuguese Navy guarding them necessitating show of force. With patience exhausted, Nehru ordered Indian Navy to sail to Goa & secure the territory for merger in India. In December 1962 (after the 15th anniversary of Independence), it did short work of Portuguese Navy. Virtually no shots came from the Portuguese, while their subjects were jubiliant. Salazar proved to be a paper tiger. There was a mild (NATO binding) perfunctory protest from USA. After Salazar, democracy was restored in Portugal and relations between Portugal & India were normalised. Now Goa is the most attractive tourist spot for the West in India, with its February Carnival with music & dance.

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    Basically the "failure" of fascism in Europe was due simply to geographical accident: the fascist nations were simply vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the anti-fascist ones. The democracies had better thank their lucky stars that Hitler didn't have half of their resources. Furthermore, much of the work of beating fascism was done by the USSR, which although theoretically opposed to fascism was for all practical purposes fascist itself.

  • Anonymous
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    Fascism didn't really fail. It just lost WWII and no future governments were in favor of it.

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  • Nelson
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    8 years ago

    Agree with above comments on Socialism. Would add the US as an example of why Socialism fails.

  • Bobby
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    8 years ago

    A.T. got it right though Spain is a monarchy not a republic.

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