When does Lois find out Clark is Superman, according to the DC animated films?

Hey guys I wanted to find out when does Lois Lane discover that Clark is really Superman. I know that she finds out in Superman II (then forgets) and in Smallville the ninth season finale. But I want to ask specifically related to the DC Superman animated films. I have been watching a lot of superman lately starting with the films, then the shows, animated series, and now the DC animated films. In the DC animated films I can't figure out exactly when she discovers his secret. In Doomsday she seems to already know his identity and only wants him to confirm it. In the new film Superman vs The Elite she and Clark openly discuss and he openly shows up as superman through out the film. Yet in earlier films and television shows she never knows. So does she only find out in these DC animated films and do they show a scene or moment where she discovers this. Can someone tell me the movie in which this occurs. Thanks.


so there isn't like one movie where she discovers Clark is Superman and hides it from him. See that's what I was wondering because I have started watching them and was wondering if one film has a seen where she sees him put the costume on or something and doesn't say anything until Doomsday.

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  • 8 years ago
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    as far as I know the only DC Animated films that are in the same continuity is the Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Apocalypse

    everything else is a Stand alone story

    Superman: Doomsday had Lois Know and repeatedly setting Clark/Superman up to confirm it... he clearly knew she knew and was going through the motions until SPOILER he drops a smallville reference while "Superman' at teh end of the movie

    with Lois fully knowing in Elite, you could argue that they are in the same time line... but this forces you to ignore All Star which clearly exists outside of the timeline between the two

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