Is a 1 and a half hour commute worth it?

I'm thinking of going to a commercial diving training facility in NJ. I too live in NJ but the school is 1 and a half hours away. The school is only 5 months, so I will only be for 5 months. So is it worth it?


At jetDoc, yes you're right but it's this long due to the training for underwater construction. You get all diving certifications you need while attending this program and hands on training. My car only has 117,768 miles and is still running strong. Throughout the 5 months that will be a total of 5632 miles added to my car.

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    I don't know what kind of school you are looking at, but the average length of time required to learn everything you need to get a CDL is more like five WEEKS, not months. Unless someone else is paying for this 'school' I'd look for another place to go.

    Don't forget... If the school is 1 1/2 hours away, that's another 1 1/2 hours to get back home every evening, for a total of three hours per day on the road, and a buttload of very expensive gasoline for your car.

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    The numbers don't add up. 5632 miles, 5 months, 4.33 weeks, 5 days, is just 52 miles a day. A 45 minute one-way commute? Not a problem.

    If 90 minutes one-way you would may better off finding a room nearby.

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    i could no longer do it. think start up time replaced into 9am and end time replaced into 5:30pm, you will would desire to leave residing house earlier 7:30am and you will in basic terms get residing house after 7pm {and it fairly is not any longer taking into consideration any site visitors carry-ups} using 80 miles after a confusing day at artwork isn't my cup of tea the two. do no longer forget that petrol expenses are not the only component. you would be doing a hundred and sixty miles an afternoon = 800 miles for a 5 day week {or around 40,000 miles a 365 days}. Assuming you get 40mpg this would fee you around £4000 a 365 days in petrol expenses (@ 90p a litre). So seem for a activity which will pay £26000 on the area of residing house and this would shop time and positioned on and tear on your motor vehicle.

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    The ease of commuting in NJ really depends on what direction you are driving and what time you will be driving. Any highways headed toward NYC during the morning rush hour will be packed, and I'd imagine the same would be true for roads in South Jersey headed toward Philly. You'd have to check your patience level on such commutes. However, a commute heading in the opposite direction of the morning rush might not be too bad.

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    It's 3 hours in total. Add on the preparation, the eating time.. if they allow refunds, you can try.

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    Source(s): i went to college for 2 semesters, i hated the drive. pulling in the parking lot is extremely dangerous because only 1 car can go in and there is a line to pull in all the way from the highway. the speed limit is 30 and everyone drives 50+ mph and accidents happen just about everyday.
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