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Why can't people participate in the Olympics if they have 'roids?

I think it's more of a handicap than an advantage to try to compete at a high level while suffering from hemorrhoids. I once tried to run for a bus when I had hemorrhoids and I only made it 3 steps before I had to stop and cry because my bum hurt so bad. Why does the IOC discriminate against people with the 'roids? It's not fair, they should stop that.


Thank you for your answer Martha. I guess I was confused as to what "roids" were. Don't you think that some crap country (like Italy) might send someone to the Olympics with hemorrhoids? They probably have a lot of trouble just getting people to represent them at the Olympics so they can't really afford to be choosy if their athletes have sore bums or not.

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    Because when people move their body violently like when running etc, this can agravate the 'roids and cause them to rupture and bleed and there will be blood all over the track, field or pool. This can in trun cause othe athletes to slip and crack open their skulls and perhaps get aids.

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    I think you may be slightly confused. The 'roids referred to when they talk about competitive sports are actually steroids, usually anabolic. These are a banned substance and you cannot compete if you have taken them because they give you an unfair advantage due to the fact that they allow you to train longer and harder and also build muscle a lot quicker than a regular person not taking them. Apart from this, the use of anabolic steroids is also illegal.

    If you genuinely did mean haemorrhoids, then I don't whether it's true that you're not allowed to compete with them, but doing strenuous exercise when you have haemorrhoids is not only extremely painful, it can actually be damaging to your health because it could make them worse and can lead to other health complications. Also, as you say, it's extremely painful to run/do any kind of exercise with them, so why would countries waste a space on their national team to someone who would have no chance of winning any race/competition? It wouldn't make sense, you would give the place to someone in excellent health and physical shape.

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