Ernie Belmonte asked in SportsTennis · 9 years ago

did anyone watch hannah storm on espn2's wimbeldon coverage?

did anyone watch Hannah Storm today on espn2's wimbeldon coverage, possibly the best tennis host or commentator i have ever heard today. her commentating is great. that's why she's currently the best female sportscaster that's out right now and 2nd best overall aside from lesley visser of course the best overall.

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  • Paul
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    9 years ago
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    She does everything so she has plenty pf experience. NBA Finals, Grand Slam tennis, and many more. I wouldn't call her the best though. I don't really know who my favorite hosts are, but I do like some of the analysts more than others.

    I'm not really a fan of Chris Evert to be honest. I think she doesn't really seem to pay much mind to anyone not named Sharapova or Federer. She's ok at times, just not my favorite. I prefer Navratilova ironically.

    And I also like John McEnroe for the guys. I also don't understand why some insist on tennis being so quiet and peaceful. What's the point of being silent for an entire match or close to? How boring would that be?

  • Chuck
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    9 years ago

    For me, I'd pick John McEnroe or Brad Gilbert for the men. For the women, I'd pick Chris Evert or Virginia Wade.

    And, as always, only ONE announcer in the booth, who's smart enough to keep his/her mouth SHUT for most of the broadcast and let the tennis speak for itself :-)

    We Yanks are unlikely to see this, of course.

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