Who is the greatest hero or villian ever? Why do you think they are?

They can be from either American comics, anime/manga, or anything else as long as they aren't an original character.

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  • 9 years ago
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    In terms of American comics, I always thought that The Joker was the best villian. The way he would always laugh at any situation and how he always had the most sneaky devices and said the funniest lines...God I love that guy XD. For hero in American comics I would have to say it's a tie between Batman and Superman. Both are famous around the world and loved by soo many. Batman has his awesomeness cause he doesn't have any superpowers but can still pwn his enemies with his martial arts skills and awesome gadgets. And Superman is...well...Superman lol. What else can I say, except that he's like the strongest American comics character ever XD.

    In terms of Anime, I gotta say Goku from Dragon Ball Z is the greatest hero. He's like the anime version of Superman, but stronger. Very famous and loved by many worldwide. Always cheerful, gives his enemies a second chance, and only fights to improve himself and protect his family and friends. The qualities of a great hero. And in terms of villians...I don't know who to put for this one. I kind of wanna say Freeza from Dragon Ball Z. He declared himself ruler and strongest of the universe (which he was until Goku turned Super Sayain and beat him). Plus, he was in the business of selling planets. He controlled an army of millions (most of whom worked for him because they knew that he would kill them if they didn't) and had them kill off inhabitants of planets so he could sell those planets to other inhabitants who were willing to pay a great amount of money. He also killed his own men. And didn't even care about it. Ruthless, cold, and shows no mercy. A great villian.

    But these are just my opinions. Who do you think are the greatest?

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    9 years ago

    My personal fav is either doctor doom or magneto. Doctor doom is smart and strong he can tie with the f.f and in his own way he thinks he is doing the right thing. He doesn't want power just to have it he wants.to better the world as a whole. He also has a strict honor code like he will give up to the f.f even if.he could win because he didn't want to ruin the paintings in the room. Magneto on the other hand isn't exactly evil he just has a different view. He has had a tragic past being in the holocaust and he doesn't want that to happen to mutants so he protects him in the way he sees best. For greatest hero its spiderman he's funny strong and hr will always do the right thing but he also has his faults and he even looses but he never gives up

  • 4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    I know this doesn't awnser your question but I think there are so many great heros,villains that it's to hard to choose. They all have there reasons for being good

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