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**guys*** do you like shy girls?? why or why not?

im shy and kinda quiet (not really) but around guys i get that werid or no??

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    There are guys who like every kind of girl. But if you're nervous around guys, you don't have to be.

    Fact is, guys aren't that scary. They're scared of you just as much as you are of them. You can talk to them just as easily as you can talk to your girlfriends, you just have to take the plunge.

    So look, don't place so much value on each conversation or each guy. There are so many guys out there, even if you get rejected one guy or a hundred guys, you haven't missed out on your only shot at love or happiness or fulfillment. There are tons of opportunities for you. But first you need to be willing to go for them. Sometimes you'll fail, sometimes you'll succeed, but no matter what happens, you'll still be the same. You'll still be a great person, and nobody can take that away from you. Make a list of all the great attributes you have. Forget about your inconsequential flaws, nobody's perfect anyway. Own yourself, all the good, and even all the bad. That's who you are, and nobody's judgement will make a difference. Put on a swagger. If a guy is too stupid to see your considerable value, that's his loss, not yours. You don't want to be with a stupid guy, do you? Every time you get rejected, it actually helps you. You've gained something. Instead of wondering from afar, you know now, with certainty and without regret, that that guy wasn't for you. Think of it as narrowing down all the guys in the world to find that special someone. If you never narrow down the list, how will you find him?

    So, hopefully that boosts your confidence and your self-esteem a bit. It's all about attitude. Have a positive attitude, hope for the best, and see the silver lining in every cloud. It's not just good advice for approaching guys, but for life. Don't be afraid of looking silly. If you avoid all the things that might make you look silly, you'll miss out on a lot of fun. Life is all about the silliness, looking stupid, and just not caring what other people think. Some of the most fun I've had in life has been from the silliest, stupidest things.

    So, how DO you talk to guys? It's so simple and easy, you'll be surprised. The fact is, when a girl goes up to a guy and starts talking to him, the guy is not even really hearing what she says. Whatever you say as an icebreaker, whatever silly foolish things you talk about, he won't remember any of it, as long as you just keep talking. The first few minutes, he's really just thinking in his head, woah, who's this girl that's talking to me? Girls don't usually come up to me, this is really cool! He'll be excited, really interested in what's happening, and mainly he'll notice your body language.

    See, guys don't communicate their feelings like girls do. Girls use words. Guys are taught early and often that talking about the feelings is a sign of weakness. Guys still have feelings, but they express themselves in actions, in body language, and by touch. When two guys are friends, they'll just do nice things for each other, or slap each other on the back, or shake hands. They'll do activities together to bond. When two guys are in a fight, they'll just punch each other. There's not a lot of talking about feelings.

    So if you want to really make an impression on a guy, use his own language. Guy-language is actions, not words. You don't need to be clever or funny, or know the perfect thing to say. You just need to tell him things with your body, and your actions. This is so easy, because you don't have to think, you just need to react.

    Is he near you? Smile and look at him.

    Is he looking at you? Match his eye contact. Don't forget to smile, but keep looking at him in his deep, dreamy eyes.

    Is he being funny? Laugh, and then reach out and touch his arm or his hand real quick.

    Is he not paying attention to you? Reach out and touch him until you've got his focus, THEN speak.

    Don't over think it. If you're worried about how well you're doing, what he's thinking, or what's going to happen next, you'll be a nervous wreck. Stay in the moment. Your only thoughts should be, do I like him? How is he making me feel right now? Focus on him, and how you feel about him, and nothing else. Stay in the moment. React, don't think.

    If you learn to speak guy-language, he will be so impressed with you, it will be ridiculous.

  • It really depends. Some people are shy simply because they aren't great at meeting new people, or they don't really care to because they are more reclusive. Depending what your personality is like and what you are like, I might either like that or get annoyed by it. Other people are shy simply because they lack self-confidence. This last group I do not like, because I feel like it would be too easy for me to exploit them. There is one girl I know (she hangs out with me and my friends a lot, but I don't like calling her a friend) that is constantly seeking approval and trying to get attention. If we ever got serious with each other, I would probably be manipulating her everyday to do what I want, which is not what I really want out of a relationship.

    Anyways, if you have self-confidence and aren't always negative about things, then I might like you.

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    It's desirable.

    The girl that doesn't speak has a lot to say and we want to hear it.

    Girls that talk too much are a turn off. You don't want to hear an attractive girl going "BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH" going on and on.

    When a shy girl is there not talking, nothing coming out of her mouth. You start becoming curious about it.

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    Yes I am attracted to shy girls.The shyness in girls just makes them more attractive.I can't say why.

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    yes i love shy girls. i think them being shy and quiet and reserved is soooooo cute. and usually since they are shy around guys you never have to worry about cheating or flirting around. and no its not wierd

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    Like shy girls definetely...but that mite be from all the unsatisfying sluts throughout my life

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