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Anyone else want to celebrate the banning of religious circumcision in Germany?

Finally, a legal system stood up to religious circumcision, calling it a violation of the rights of the child, causing grievous harm. Good for them!!!

See the news link below.

A German court said the rights of the child in this case transcend the rights of the parents to mutilate their sons for no good reason.

Do you think this trend will spread throughout Europe, it already has in Holland and Denmark?



Egmont,...I was hoping for more intellectual input. If it is not in you,.......

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    Finally a country is standing up for the basic human right of a human to keep all of his sensory system, all of his nerves, all of his blood vessels, protective covering and pleasure zones.

    Other countries should follow this lead. Baby boy penis parts removal should be considered illegal NOW in the United States under the 1996 federal law banning genital cutting -- 14th Amendment equal protection clause.

    Those saying that preventing the cutting off of penis parts of a baby boy violates the cutter's freedom of religion, are way out there in irrational land. One's religion ends where their knife touches another human's body. The idea that another human's ritual (rite) trumps ones right to body parts is insane and creepy. Baby boy penis parts removal cuts off thousands of fine touch and stretch nerves. This is like disconnecting the fingertips, nipples or lips from the brain. No human should be subjected to sensory system harm as well as a forced decrease of sexual function and PLEASURE for life!

    BTW, I hope people consider the basic issue of the ruling. How does any one disagree with the point that amputating nerves, blood vessels, protective covering and pleasure zones is bodily HARM?


    Sorry to go on, but an idiot has thrown around the MYTH that a cut up penis is somehow cleaner. Who is it that pushed that so so many people believe what is utter nonesense????

    A new study found that natural boys have natural bacteria (the same as girls) and cut boys have different invasive bacteria.As to the theory that penis parts should be cut off in order to facilitate hygiene, consider the following comments of a pediatrician. This is certainly a different (and more logical) view of Hygiene:

    "My experience as a pediatrician has convinced me that circumcision makes the penis dirtier, a fact that was confirmed by a study recently published in the British Journal of Urology.1 For at least a week after circumcision, the baby is left with a large open wound that is in almost constant contact with urine and feces--hardly a hygienic advantage. Additionally, throughout life the circumcised penis is open and exposed to dirt and contaminants of all kinds. The wrinkles and folds that often form around the circumcision scar frequently harbor dirt and germs.

    Thanks to the foreskin, the intact penis is protected from dirt and contamination. While this important protective function is extremely useful while the baby is in diapers, the foreskin provides protection to the glans and urinary opening for a lifetime. At all ages, the foreskin keeps the glans safe, soft, and clean.

    Throughout childhood, there is no need to wash underneath the foreskin. Mothers used to be advised to retract the foreskin and wash beneath it every day. This was very bad advice indeed. When the foreskin becomes fully retractable, usually by the end of puberty, your son can retract it and rinse his glans with warm water while he is in the shower."

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    I have booked the catering for the party...Just kidding.

    Why its taken this long i will never know. There are some countries where people carry on very very loudly that its their civil rights to do what they want with their child, but what about the rights of the child? How does chopping a part of a babies penis make him part of a religion? And wouldnt it be better to let the child decide?

    what happens if when he is 18 he decides he wants to leave that religion? Does the rabbi (or whatever religious leader did the chopping) give him his foreskin back along with the many benefits a foreskin provides? Wouldnt it be good if that was possible.

    Wouldnt it make more sense if when the boy is an adult and can make a mature decision for himself he then chooses to have it done. And i dont know about anyone else but if a god made me with a foreskin why would he want me to chop it off?

    I am glad that my parents left me intact and that the country i live in now has a mutilation (circumcision) rate as low as under 10% of newborns. I know its still too many but at least its better than the over 50% it was when i was born.

    Why dont parents just let the child make the choice.


    A silly clip about those who say circumcision is good

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related (pics from baby circumcision)

    (functions of the foreskin animation) (recommended for 18+yo)

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  • 8 years ago

    Dang I hope so. But the circumcision of females is just as awful. The mutilation for any reason should be stopped.

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  • John
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    8 years ago

    Neonazis everywhere I would think. Is that a trick question?

    It is a shame that those judges don't get their dog penises attended to and realise how much more pleasure was involved with a cut penis. Then they would make it mandatory and forget their anti-semitic issues for this.

    Source(s): circed at 19
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    When the Germans start banning things based on religion I get nervous.

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