Anybody know how to speak Hebrew?

Hi, Im writing a story and need to know how you can say and write




in Hebrew. Or if there is a single term for that, that would be great.

Please do not use Google Translate and it would be nice to have a real pronunciation too!

Thank you so much for your help!

PS Google Translate says אח חורג is it correct?


Wow! thank you! so to be specific the story takes time in B.C. not A.D. and the girl is calling her father's other wife's sons half brothers as an insult. Does it work that way?

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    אח למחצה

    aCH lemeCHetzsa

    (half- brother)

    אחות למחצה

    aCHot lemeCHetzsa

    (half- sister)

    אח חורג means "a foster brother" and (not necessarily) blood related.

    The "CH" is back of the throat sound like clearing it before a spit, the German name Bach, or J in Spanish.

    * Edit: no, I can't think of using it as an insult. Try the word for ******* instead :

    ממזר --> mamzer (boy)

    ממזרה --> mamzera (girl)

    Or son/ daughter of the prostitute :

    בן זונה --> ben zona (son)

    בת זונה --> bat zona (daughter)

    Source(s): Native Hebrew speaker.
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    9 years ago

    The other responder was very thorough, but just keep in mind that "mamzer" is a VERY serious epithet in ancient Jewish communities. A man would not marry the mother of mamzers, basically...they would all be shunned; and a bratty child would not use that term as an insult if they did not want serious consequences.

    "Ben zonah" could work, but that's more an insult to the mom than it is the sons.

    Also, the use of Hebrew at all could be wrong depending on when in BCE (that's what we Jews use, btw, not BC) it is taking place. Jews stopped using Hebrew as a living language around the time the first Temple was destroyed...Assyrian, Aramaic, Arabic, Yiddish, Ladino, and other linguas franca were assumed by Jews afterward and only became a living language again after Zionists occupied Palestine.

    Source(s): I speak Hebrew and know way too much about it's history than is safe for most mortals to know.
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    I talk hebrew. Shalom- hi/ peace. Ma kore- what's up. Agvania- tomato. Me- atzben- annoying. (To a boy). Spectaculary- surprising. Sefer- e book Tov- solid Shana tova- happy new 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Bat yam- mermaid. Magniv- stunning. Yalda- woman Yeled- boy. Ish- guy Isha- woman. Yesh po ochel- is there nutrients suited right here Tapuach adama- potato. Tiool- holiday Yored li dam- i'm bleeding. Chanoot- save Magnicool- stunning and cool interior an identical word. Meshaamem- boring. Yavan- Greece. Ze bechlal lo azar li, yalda meatzbenet- this did now not help me in any admire, annoying woman. (Which, coincidentally is what your thinking remarkable now). Hasof- the magnificent.

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    "the girl is calling her father's other wife's sons half brothers as an insult. "

    Then she can call him "the son of the concubine" (or "this son of a concubine"). בן הפילגש. Ben HaPilegesh. Appears a lot in the Bible.


    הלא תדעי אחותי כי ממאן בן הפילגש הלזה להשיב את חרס בית הכסא מטה?!

    Dost thou knowest my sister that this son of a concubine neglects to put the toilet seat down?!

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