Does my dream have a meaning?

So basically two summers ago I instantly became friends with this cute guy (who's 2 years younger than me) who, looking back, could have had a crush on me (He loved talking with me, even on some days he would rather talk to me than his close friends). We constantly chatted during the summer on MSN and Facebook but one day I got feelings for him; but I never told him.

However, when school started, he was being totally distant and it looked like he completely forgot my existence: He never spoke to me!

I always thought it was because he was too embarrassed to speak to me in front of his friends. His friends are somewhat mean, they make fun of lots of people. Once they even made fun of me and my crush didn't do a damn thing about it!

So I stopped having feelings for him and erased him from my mind.

However, last night I had a dream about him; which was totally out of the blue since we haven't spoken to each other for two years!

We were in a castle and he was waiting for me. I didn't speak to him because I was mad at him for ignoring me and not having my back. We had a castle adventure (I don't remember what it was). At the end, he wound up apologizing for his behavior and we kissed. I remember that it was a really good kiss.

Why did I have this dream? Does this mean something? Please don't be rude in the answers.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer!


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  • 8 years ago
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    OMG i am like totally the fairytale girl!!!!!! ok back on subject. so, yes this dream means something. your dreams are triggered by your subconscious which can "predict the future" your subconscious is trying to tell you something about how your future is going to go. now, i cant Tell you what it is; i am not you. but i can tell you that your dream is not entirely going to come true in the future. maybe you will have a similar encounter with another guy and you will stay in contact, or maybe you will meet up with him and share a kiss, or maybe even the simple answer that you obviously had strong feelings for him and true love can never be vanquished. on the outside and what came out of your mind was " that guys a jerk, i don't like him no more" but what your subconscious is saying as well as your heart is " i think i still love this jerk" now go ahead and say to yourself " she's crazy, i don't love him!!! eww gross " but you know its true. listen to your heart, sometimes that's better than listening to your mind. BTW i am thirteen and yes i have had a similar dream and experience :)

    Source(s): my knowledge, experience and yes, even my own heart ;)
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Have you been watching Disney movies again ?

    Sounds like your Prince Charming has returned.

    Nothing like a really good kisss...

    Have a wonderful Summer..


  • 8 years ago

    i think it can have a meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you end up seeing him around sometimes in the summer... and staring at you and giving you a smile, then mabye it was a sign. just play it by day and see what happens :)

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