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Will abs exercises help losing belly fat ?

I read different posts about losing belly fat, I read that abs exercises will make belly looks bigger because i'm building stomach muscles underneath.

So what's the truth? what should I do in order to lose belly fat

N.B. I'm a male and i am 17 years old

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    You can't target weight loss. When you burn fat, it's from all over your body. To lose weight you need to eat right and get exercise. In addition to ab exercises you'll want to do push ups, pull ups, squats, walk or run. The "paleo diet" is getting good reviews lately because it's about eating healthy generally. It's basically cutting out processed foods, carbs/sugars and increasing protein in your diet. You don't need to buy any diet plan or anything.

    More info at wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleo_diet

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    Abs To Lose Belly Fat

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    doing any abdominal excercises will strengthen the abdominal muscles only, it will not help you lose fat or tone your body. Toning is a myth that was made up in the 80's or 90's to get people into the gym. To lose fat you have to use you big muscles for cardio, such as running, cycling, swimming can help but should be used as a less rigourous exercise. You also need to lift weights for different muscle groups. having more muscle mass will help you lose weight because you muscles will burn more energy. You should do at least a half hours of cardio, but i would recomend more if you can, if you can't, build up to it. though since you are still young and still possibly growing, you might want to refrain from building too much muscle, as you may stunt your growth

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  • Anonymous
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    Gain muscle NOT loose belly fat- ever seen a guy at the gym who has tonnes of muscle but looks like he is pregnant? That is what happens if you have very strong abs and high body fat %. Anyone who says " crunches makes you loose weight" is clearly an idiot.

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    no. it will help your abs develope. running, doing sprints, biking, and any kind of exercise that makes you sweat real hard will. once you get the fat off, you'd be surprised at what is hiding under there. I recently lost 15lbs and I was pretty shocked. so do a mix of them for 30 minutes a day. AND EA HEALTHY!!! small meals 5 times a day

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    abs are small muscle in the body.

    a person would burn more belly fat just walking then they would for the same amount of time spent doing ab exercises.

  • Jogging, running, walking, biking. Basically prolonged physical activity promotes weight loss. However, I encourage you to also lift weights because you will not only become stronger but become more fit and athletic. Do ab work anyways to eventually gain a above average core.

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    Going low carb is which could encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially refined carbs like muffins and bagels) you need to include a little fat.

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