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1990 Toyota pickup almost dies while idling?

Its the 1990 toyota pickup, 2.4L if I'm not mistaken with fuel injection. When i slow down to a stop or especially in park the engine seems to idle low and sputter, then rev up again then die off. Air filter is clean.

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    don't adjust the idle on this. you will end up w/idle fluctuation compounding the issue when the ecu tries to correct. besides, you never just up and adjust an engine to a faulty condition.

    a few things that can cause this. per book.

    idle air control valve, mass air flow meter, the IAC is found within the MAF meter,

    those can be cleaned.

    egr issue,

    or dirty injectors.

    but you may want to pull codes on this. even if there's no CEL-check engine light lit. you don't need a scanner tool. just a jumper wire and your keys. here's how,

    there are other things that maybe in play here. such as the TPS-throttle position sensor. but you would defiantly have CEL and a code stored for that.

    also, just for gp, check the fuel filters. and check for a vacuum leak(on the hose-cracked or loose) on the fuel regulator. check for a fuel leak there as well.

    tip; if this slowly came on, then it's very possible this just need to be cleaned. otherwise, likely a component issue.

    if you're unsure of any of this, do make sure you take it to a reputable ASE shop or the dealer for diagnosis.

    good luck. owner 93 toy pu V6, 88 22/20RE hybrid.

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    Try to get someone to turn UP THE IDLE. Usually only one screw involved.

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