Please pick the spelling you prefer from each category (boys edition)?

Traditional : Christopher

Modern : Cristofer - Criztopher - Krystofer - Christeffer - Kristofer, other?

Traditional : Cameron

Modern : Camren - Camaron - Cameren - Kameron - Kamaren, other?

Traditional : Jackson

Modern : Jacson - Jakson - Jaxon - Jaxxen - Jakkson, other?

Traditional : Jadon

Modern : Jayden - Jaydon - Jaeden - Jaidan - Jaydin, other?

Traditional : Michael

Modern : Mykel - Mikael - Myekal - Meikel - Maichael, other?

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Thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    I do not like any of the alternate spellings other than Jayden. It will make it more difficult to explain how to spell their name in the future.

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  • 9 years ago

    Sorry, but it's not even a question. You shouldn't beg for stars. A question is really only considered interesting if the answers might be of interest to others as well as the asker.

    As for the names, sorry, I don't like any of them (except the traditional "Michael"). I hate trendy, cutsey names, or using weird spellings for common names. Not only is it just creepy and weird, the poor kid would spend his life correcting people for spelling it his name wrong... a little unfair to the child. Even if it's for a book or short story, you're making up most (not all) of those spellings, they still wouldn't be good names.

    Michael is a great name... but those other spellings are just horrible.

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