how do i send a letter?

i want to send a letter to my friend. they live in here in canada. what pieces of mailing information do i need???? i have the postal code. their name. the name of the town. and street address. and a stamp. but it returned to me a few days after i sent it and it said incomplete address. what did i do wrong????

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  • 8 years ago
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    Could it be that your friend lives in an apartment building? If so, then the apartment number is required for the outside of the envelope. Without the apartment number, Canada Post cannot deliver the letter and it will be returned to you with the notation "Incomplete Address." An example using the proper format for the outside address in Canada is:

    Mrs. Jane Doe

    1234 Bottom Street

    Apt. 156

    Toronto, ON M2F 5D1

    Call your friend and find out the exact address.

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    8 years ago

    you will need name, address (city, state etc.) and put there info on the center of the envelope and your info in the top left with a stamp on the top right.

    Source(s): sent tons of letters in training.
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