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How long does it take to receive tax return by Canada Revenue Agency?

I sent my income tax filed on 27th May (2012) in the mail.. it past over 6 weeks ago

Normally it could take 4-6 weeks processing... Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything about my tax return from the CRA.. is that 4-6 weeks wait normal that filed paper tax return?

The CRA not received my file to check the status return on my account

should i wait foe few more weeks?

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  • George
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    They should at least show it as received. 4-6 weeks is normal to wait for a notice of assessment. It will take longer if it is your first return, and longer still if it is your first return and you immigrated to Canada in that year.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What you defined grew to become into unusual. the in many situations occurring device is: In September, you get a letter from CRA reviewing your return. you have 30 days to answer the overview. you are able to request greater time, yet you ought to respond interior the 30 days. in case you do not respond, they are going to reassess your return, denying the deduction they reviewed. It sounds to me prefer to did not respond interior the time cut back. if it quite is the case, they are going to hold your 2011 refund till you do, and that's appropriate to them.

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