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Sad asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 9 years ago

Hacking question about yahoo answers. Best awnswer will be chosen quickly desperate here.?

Ok my last yahoo account was hacked and he used my ip to get it, so it's untraceable.. I'm wondering if he accessed my yahoo answers. Okay i last logged on at 1-2 pm of july 3rd, He went on my account on july 4th at 3 in the morning. I logged on and went on my yahoo answers at 12:35 pm in the afternoon and it said i visited my yahoo answers ( 23 hours ago) does it record when i last logged in like for instance if he did vist my yahoo answers at 3 in the morning would it say welcome to yahoo answers and record the log in or add in to the previous log in which was 23 hours ago.

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  • 9 years ago
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    OK, first thing to try is check your recent login activity. Many people do not know that yahoo now has this feature. Go to the top left where it says "Hi, (username)" and use that menu to access Account Info. Sign in, scroll down and find the "Check recent login activity" link. The list there says THIS :

    Your most recent activity includes any times that you signed into Yahoo! by entering your Yahoo! ID and password (not limited to Mail).

    So it will show you when someone logged in and where they were at the time. But NOT which yahoo accounts they accessed, sorry. The only way to know that is to look at your most recent questions and answers, and see if you find any that you know you did not write. If so, and if the questions are still open, just delete them.

    If you don't delete your browser history, you may be able to see there whether they accessed Yahoo Answers, as well.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I had this happen to me twice last year.Its a horrible experience. You come upon a question that has your avatat and name on and seems to be you but you have no control over it,

    In my case it had me seeming to admit to awful sex crimes. There is no way to get it off.No-one interested. All I can do is let you know you are not alone. They can blacken your name just for fun really. They say they can get to you easier if you allow e mails? Its interesting they could not copy my TC badge.

  • 9 years ago

    there is a way to access thar information, it tellls u everything you have done, with times stamps, i just cant remember how to do it.

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