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PoLL!!Is There Anything You'd Like Yahoo To Know About You?

Thank you.... :)

BQ-Are you only happy when it rains?

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    Jadey, ....... you welcome :)

    This is too good and it is too true to and as an exception from your rule; you are going to agree and believe in it deep down in your heart and mind as well even though the brain may say some thing different!

    You are a very pretty person with a charming smile and lancenating sharp eyes, truly; too beautiful to describe, except in poetry!

    "Voh kmaan smaan bh-vay(n) thayree!

    Naino(n) kay hai(n) k-jray k-jrraray!

    Chehray pay ch-m-k hai Poonm kay Ch-n-dhaa kee!

    Timtimaathay hai(n) naino(n) may(n) saaray sithaaray!

    Moukhday pay moskaan hai gouncho(n) kee!

    Bhanvro(n) nay hai(n) jiss pay dhill haaray!

    Kaisay bna-ay koee moorth aisee!

    likhay koee kaisay ki-aa kavithaa!

    kaisay rungo(n) ch-ndho(n) may(n) smaa-aygee!

    Aaseem yeh aisee soundhertthaa!

    Thirshee nigaaho(n) kay kisay mai(n) kiaa kiaa sounaaoo(n)!

    Khaanee ktaaksh nazro(n) kee; mai(n) kiaa kiaa b-thaaoo(n)!

    Moskraa kay naino(n) theer, jo shodaa kabhee!

    Nishaanay pay voh, hai bun kay lagthaa s-hee!

    Dhill ghaayal hooaa bus you(n) hee muchl kay muchlthay muchlthay!

    Pervaanay you(n) hee shmaa may(n) nahee(n) jll jaathay jlthay jlthay!

    .... ...... ......... ........ . . ......... ......... ....... !

    .... ... ....... ...... ........... ....... ..... ........ ... !

    Regarding Yahoo it would be nice not to overload the already overloaded search engine and all the nice hardworking personnel; too much. You know, to be; kind, courteous and considerate to all is important, expected and virtuous.

    Time for tea break and a moment of peace!

    See you later and keep that beautiful smile until then.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    I know that Yahoo has a monitoring system & I screwed it.

    BQ : Yes. I love it when it rains :D

    You're welcome !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm straight - daring I know, but dammit, I said it !!!

    BQ - I'm in Seattle and that's all I'm going to say

  • 9 years ago

    Its hot outside... and I'm hungry

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  • Sanjay
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    9 years ago

    give me more points

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