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Strange question about herpes and its outbreaks...?

I was always wondering this. You can get your first herpes outbreak 4-21 days after exposure to the virus, right? Then, some people have the virus, yet never get an outbreak or symptoms. My question is, can you get an outbreak and/or symptoms down the road? Or, if you're going to get an outbreak, between 4-21 days after exposure? I don't have herpes, but a good friend of mine has the virus, but no outbreaks and she was wondering if she ever would get them. She was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2009 and has never had an outbreak to this day.


I have another question to ask about it. Are you guaranteed to get an outbreak at some point if you have the virus? Or, is it kind of a hit-and-miss? Just wondering.

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    Virus can lay dormant for years.

    contacted herpes in 2000 had a outbreak a couple of years later......since then nothing.

    So the answer is YES..

    Hit and miss.........Don't dwell on this...."you" or your friend will be fine

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