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How do I add people to Yahoo messenger?

I really want friends i can chat with

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    9 years ago
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    Hi !

    In Messenger you can quickly add a contact by using the Add a contact icon, or by using the Contacts menu.

    To add a contact:

    Choose a method to add a contact:

    - Using the "Contacts" menu: Select Contacts | Add a Contact.

    - Using the "Add a contact" icon:

    * In newer Messenger versions: Click the Add a contact icon under the "Contacts" tab.

    * In older Messenger versions: Click Add a Contact at the bottom of the Yahoo! Messenger window.

    Enter a Yahoo! ID or Yahoo! Mail address for the contact you want to add.

    - If you don't know the Yahoo! ID or Yahoo! Mail address of the contact, use their email address. Then they will receive an email invitation.

    Select Next.

    Select the group that you'd like to add this contact to.

    - "Friends," the default group, adds the contact name to your main Messenger List.

    Add a brief introduction in the box that follows (Optional).

    Select Change to make the changes to your display name which displays to your recipient.

    Select an alias (if any) from the pull-down menu (Optional).

    Click Finish.

    Additional information about adding contacts:

    When you add a contact to your Messenger List, the contact also gets added to your Yahoo! Address Book.

    The contact is automatically notified and given the option to allow or deny your add request.

    - If the contact denies your request, they won't appear in your Messenger List.

    You can add up to 1,000 contacts to your Messenger List.

    Your Windows Live contacts must be using the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.

    - If they need to upgrade, the invitation will automatically include a link for them to download the latest Windows Live Messenger.

    Hope This Help !

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    9 years ago

    You can add me

    I'm not a bot or troll I just love meeting new ppl.

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    Invites people by using their email addresses.

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