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Willow asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

Rate these GP place name combos?

Guilty pleasure meaning I adore them but wouldn't use them.

Girls (gp middle names)

Azalea Egypt

Cora Netherland (silent D)

Alanna Ireland

Girls (GP first names)

Asia Katherine *Ace*

Russia Evangeline *Rue*

Hawaii Arabella *Aiia* (eye-ya)

Boys (GP middle names)

Ashton Tokyo

Leander Scotland

Daniel Paris

Boys (GP first names)

Indiana Kai *Indi*

Australia Evan *Aussie*

Germany Cane *Remi*

TY for answering =)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Azalea Egypt- 6/10 I like both names, not too sure I like them together

    Cora Netherland- 4/10 dislike Netherland, but Cora is ok

    Alanna Ireland- 7/10 very cute, LOVE Ireland, but Alanna is just OK for me.

    Asia Katherine *Ace*- 9/10 I don't actually like Asia usually, but it sounds good here, and I LOVE the nn Ace

    Russia Evangeline *Rue*- 4/10 Russia nn Rue is very cute, but I've always disliked Evangeline ALOT

    Hawaii Arabella *Aiia*- 8/10 not entirely sure about the flow, but I like it anyway

    Ashton Tokyo- 2/10 dislike both

    Leander Scotland- 5/10 this is just kinda boring as a GP name

    Daniel Paris- 2/10 I dislike Daniel A LOT, and Paris is kind of feminin sounding imo

    Indiana Kai *Indi*- 6/10 while dislike Indiana, and think its pretty feminin sounding, I LOVE Kai!

    Australia Evan *Aussie*- 7/10 cute :)

    Germany Cane *Remi*- 9/10 REALLY love this one

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