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How much should i charge for cleaning the inside and outside of a really dirty truck?

Its a dodge ram 3500, so its really big.

I was told to get it professionally done it cost $300.00

What should i charge?

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    It involves a whole lot more than just grabbing the garden hose and giving it a quick car wash.Professionally they steam clean the engine and compartment, thoroughly scrub the inside including shampooing the carpet and upholstery, wash and wax the outside of the vehicle and clean and armorall the inside. What you charge depends on how thoroughly you are going to clean this truck. The cleaning supplies are going to cost you a lot just to buy so you can properly do the job. Just remember if you get big money you gave to have the equipment and know how that the professionals have and use because you are trying to compete with them.

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    200 per vehicle

  • 8 years ago

    Hit him up for $225.oo will be good

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