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My dog is incredibly aggressive towards people...How can I stop him from being like this?


My dog is six years old and he's a small Maltese.

Ever since he was a puppy, he has been incredibly aggressive towards people...sometimes he even bites!!

Every time I walk him down the street he barks at EVERYBODY!

So every time someone comes at our house, we lock him up in the kitchen.

But today, my friend was over and he managed to get out of the kitchen and bit her!

I don't know what to do anymore...Is there any way I can train him to be less aggressive? Putting him in obedience classes isn't an option because I live in Lebanon and I don't think there are any...Plus I think he's too old...

Please help!

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    Dogs are often aggressive because they feel the need to protect you from other people. They don't realize that those people are your friends. One of the things you can try is easing your dog into social situations with other people in a low stress environment. Invite one of your friends over to help you practice this. Leash your dog and tether her to something in the living room (not the couch). Ask your friend to step out and then knock on the door. Invite your friend in as you normally would. Ignore your dog. If he barks just let him. He has to see that your friend is not a threat to you. Take your friend to sit on the couch. Don't be nervous...the dog can't get to your friend (if you're concerned about him getting out of his collar try a harness to ensure that you can relax knowing your dog can't bite your friend). If you are nervous and anxious your dog will be too. They show this by growling and biting. Talk with your friend like normal, watch tv, get them a glass of water... Show your dog that your friend is okay. Eventually he will settle down. Do this with your friends over and over. When your dog stops freaking out when they are in the room, you can quietly and calmly allow them to pet the dog. But let him come to them. Don't force your friends on your dog. Behavior problems in people aren't fixed overnight, and they aren't in dogs either. Your dog has to learn that his job is not to protect you but to be your companion. Be patient with him and take your time. He will learn. Reward him with treats for good behavior. Remember also - yelling at your dog does not work as punishment. All it does is agitate him more. Dogs strive for your attention. The worst punishment you can give a dog is to ignore him. If he barks ignore him, don't fuss at him.

    Good luck! :)

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
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    You can try to train her, but don't kiss ***. Try to be more friendly with her,

    but show her that you are dominant and that behavior like that isn't allowed. To be dominant, you can either look it up on Wikihow. That's the best advice I can give you. Good luck!

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