Unpopular romantic asian drama.?

Okay so I've seen basically ever drama & I was thinking there must be some more out there that people just don't talk about. I really like love triangles with 2 guys & one girl. I've watched all the basic's so please don't suggest them. I really like Teacher biscuit and star candy, it's unpopular but had everything I was looking for, I prefer Kdramas but anything is fine. A big thank you in advance,.

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  • 8 years ago
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    A lot of the under-the-radar ones are really great. There are some awesome and unexpected ones from TVn. Try "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band" and "What's Up?". Both are about Music.

    "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band" is about 6 best friends who formed an indie rock band. They're trouble makers in school, and when their sub-par school gets shut down, they're transferred to a rich kid school. Some love triangles, some love SQUARES, and some just heartwrenching BROMANCE. it's beautiful ;)

    "What's Up?" has WONDERFUL music, and a great, under-the-radar cast. There are two love triangles, but one of them is...unexpected and not very traditional. The other isn't too extreme. It's more cute than anything else. If you've seen King 2Hearts, this also has Jo Jung Suk (who played Captain Eun Shi Kyung), he's also in this and is completely adorable and nerdy. Also, he has the best voice. I melted when he sang. Bias-alert: I'm also kinda partial to this drama because my friend's sister is in it.

    I'm also normally a Kdrama fan, but there was also a Taiwanese drama that really made my list of best things ever. "In Time With You" is absolutely PRECIOUS. It's about a man and a woman who have been best friends since high school, and they're turning 30. There's a pretty intense love triangle, which both makes you want to strangle a couple necks and hug the main guy and let him cry on your shoulder. It's really sweet, and I just love their friendship. It's realistic, but has just enough fairy-tale romance in it to make you want THAT guy. Also, has some of the best lines I've ever heard in an asian drama.

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