How to get over this breakup?

Me and my girlfriend used to get along very well. She would text me daily, and we would talk for hours. She was so much into me that if i don't reply, she will get all bossy, as to why i didn't reply. We had kissing sessions, and were very happy.

For the past 2 months however, she hasn't talked to me properly. Actually, 2 months back we took part in a competition and won 1st prize. I however think i must have said something abusive, and although she would talk to me, it would be in a very hostile way, she wouldn't go away, but stay probably to hurt me as much as she can. Anyway, when i stopped talking to her, she again started talking to me on facebook, and we again became friends. I thought things would change, but she is as cold as ever, talking to me but not giving me what i want - a lovely friendship. She would talk coldly, then go over and start flirting with other guys.... and when i try to pull away, she will come towards me asking what has happened and bla bla bla, and i would again go over her and the cycle repeats...

my problem is special - coz she is in my batch and i have to see her everyday, they say it is easy to get over if u separate urself from the person completely, but that is impossible in my case...

What am i supposed to do? I wish to be happy, i wish to let her go, should i keep talking to her pleasantly? Actually, i m afraid of doing something that will kill all my chances of talking to her, and as i said, she is in my batch, so it is kinda important that i talk to her..... i wish to maintain our relationship without getting hurt... what should i do??

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    8 years ago
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    she sounds controlling N/O and it seems she want attention from you and wants you to notice her and be jealous of the other guys. but if you dont want to get hurt, you could push her out of your live for a few days whenever she gets touchy. some girls/guys tend to reject you completely when you turn them down because its their way of getting back at you

    Source(s): so many past loves....
  • 8 years ago

    I ve experienced the same a year ago....... Best thing 'd be to throw her outta ya life or you jus avoid her to the best... broken relationship is a broken mirror.. and its damn true...

  • 8 years ago

    Find a rebound and fast. If you really get in to it, you have a good chance to be over the breakup in no time. Good luck...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    same here. my heart aches alot. love hurts

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