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What does ditto mean?

my new neighbour twins keep saying ditto

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    It means repeat. Like if I say " I love you" and you love me to, instead of saying "I love you too" you could simply say "ditto"

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    It means "me as well" or "me too".

    Stanley: "Who wants pizza?"

    Frank and Dave: "I want some pizza!"

    Stanley: "What do you want on your pizza, guys?"

    Frank: "Anything but anchovies - I hate anchovies"

    Stanley: "What about you, Dave?"

    Dave: "Ditto"

    Stanley: "Okay, I got it. Anything but anchovies. I'll be at the pizza place across the street"

    Frank: "When will you be back from the pizza place, Stanley?"

    Stanley: "I'll be back in about fifteen minutes. I'll see you later Frank and Dave!"

    Any questions?

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    8 years ago too . ex: I like ribs ! other person says ditto .

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    8 years ago

    It means like same

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