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help with correctiing please./? already put in my answers?

Which one of the following choices might be an appropriate image for visualization?

A. The pet you had as a child

(B). A picture of a favorite relative from the past

C. A car driven very fast

D. A beach at low tide

Which one of the following chemicals does the body generate during regular exercise?

A. Endorphins

B. Estrogen

(C). Sodium chloride

D. Adrenaline

The first step in handling stress is

A. trying to relax through meditation techniques.

(B). catching up on missed sleep.

C. removing all stressors from your environment.

D. becoming aware of your own reaction to it.

Which one of the following choices would indicate that a person has entered the exhaustion stage of stress?

(A). A cold that doesn't seem to go away

B. Exercising more than usual

C. Crying at a sad movie

D. Visiting with friends

Distress is a form of

A. disease.

B. negative stress.

C. positive stress.

(D). expected stress.

Which of the following physiological symptoms are signs of stress?

A. Headaches and elevated blood pressure

(B). Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome

C. Hearing and vision loss

D. Dental cavities and bone loss

How does visualization promote relaxation and stress reduction?

A. It enables you to make the world "go away" for awhile.

B. It reminds you of other tasks you need to complete.

(C). It encourages your friends and family to stay away.

D. It produces helpful chemicals in your muscles.

Which one of the following choices is a mental symptom of distress?

(A). Hallucinations

B. High self-esteem

C. Memory loss

D. Sleep disorders

How often should you use deep, relaxing breathing techniques?

A. No more than twice a day

(B). Only when you've gotten enough sleep

C. Every day

D. Only during periods of stress

Eustress is a form of

A. endorphin.

(B). estrogen.

C. positive stress.

D. negative stress.

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    last one is c.postive stress

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