Filling out a legal seperation?

My ex wants to write up our own legal seperation and i'm having a hard time wording a few of the things we have agreed on. Is there a better way to word this. John Doe agrees to pay for Health and Dental Care for Jake Doe. Both parties agree to pay equal amount for education and extra curricular activities for Jake Doe. John Doe agrees to have a life insurance policy set up for Jake Doe John Doe agrees to pay under the guildines his Military Pension to Jane Doe.

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    It's never a good idea to try to make a document that might have to stand up in court. But, if you insist on doing it yourself, be prepared for the consequences.

    You need to put parameters in yours, like how long each will have to pay, and put in a "not to exceed' amount. Education needs to be clearly defined - private school? public school? transportation? uniforms? tuition? etc. How long - elementary, middle, high school, college???

    Life insurance in an amount not less than $xxxxxx and not more than $xxxxx, with beneficiaries named in the agreement.

    You really need a lawyer to cover all your bases. For instance, Jake Doe, son of mother ______ and father ______, born 1-1-2008.

    You don't have anything for child support, custody or where the child will live.

    You have left out a ton of stuff in your document. When a problem arises, you will not be able to solve it due to all the missing information. Please see a lawyer. Or, go to and find one that you can use.

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