curly hair and bangs? square face... HELP?

i have long curly hair i like having a bit of a bang because my face is so square and angular it softens it. i need help with ideas on lengths of bangs and cut/parts. i do air dry a lot and currently my bangs are normal bangs but they go freaky FREAKY when i let them hair dry like stick out wako freaky, ( they look very nice when they are straighten) so i will grow em a bit, but i need advise and images on how i can have the softness of a bang even when it air drys without being to freaky crazy think blonde frizzy taylor swift-ish hair like similar to:

with a Demi Moore / Sandra Bullock face shape (pale & blonde)


actually my face shape is exactly like Katherine Hepburn, but diff nose and lighter brows

Update 2:

yes i use conditioner. i sometime us like 2-3 conditioners. i use hair serum after too! this is frizzy curly hair..

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  • 8 years ago
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    okay do you use conditioner? bc if so than that will not happe to your hair if you use it. i know that for me it looks better if you use conditioner. some ppl do not but i do bc it helps keep my hair from 1. falling out 2. staying smooth an dsoft and 3. looking just the way i want it to.

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