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Blue Crowned Conure and Senegal?


I am currently looking for a companion bird. Since it's going to be a companion, I don't care about the colours or looks. I want a bird that is intelligent and cuddly. I live in a townhouse and I am at the edge of a row. My next door neighbour has a conure that apparently screams constantly, but no one can hear it. Will a Blue Crowned Conure be okay in my house?

Also, how does the Blue Crowned and Senegal compare? Which one is more intelligent and cuddly? Oh, and I've also looked into the Dusky Conures, but they seem to be moody. If you have experience with them, tell me about them!

Thank you.

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    Outside of blatant, primary traits of certain species (talking ability of african grey, hyperactivity of caiques, loudness of sun conures, size of macaws etc...) it is very hard to generalize about species. Even with these recognized traits, there will always be exceptions -- not all african greys will talk, some caiques will be perch potatoes, and even a few sun conures will use their inside voices. Every bird is an individual, it is simply impossible to say which individual will be more intelligent and cuddly by species alone, or even which is more likely to possess these traits. If you're interested in a companion bird, you should visit a breeder and interact with their available stock. If there is a particular trait that you absolutely desire, sometimes buying or adopting an adult bird will result in a more predictable pet. Even your cuddly sweetheart of a baby can turn into a demon bird when it reaches maturity. Such is the way of parrot parenting, you have to be dedicated to your companion bird, come what may.

    Plenty of people will go into a bird shop looking for a particular species, and after a few visits leave with a feathered friend completely different than what they originally intended. You may go looking for a senegal and leave with a rose-breasted cockatoo simply because that particular individual was the one you connected with. A dedicated, knowledgeable breeder can often recognize individual traits of their birds and match prospective owners with a bird that suits their personality. This is the biggest reasons to visit a breeder rather than a pet store for your companion bird.

    As for senegals or blue crowns, both are relatively mainstream birds that are not known for a predisposition to serious behavioral issues as a course of their species. I cared for a senegal named Jessica for four months while a friend was studying abroad. She was a bit aggressive, lunged and bit frequently at first, but that is to be expected with such a drastic separation from her bonded caretaker. Sometimes she would let me pick her up, sometimes I had to use a T-stand held at a distance to move her anywhere at all. She mellowed out around the time her caretaker returned and was an absolute sweetheart with him. No long-term experience with blue crowns.

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    I have a Senegal so I may be biased but I adore them. Blue crown's are playful, fun and for conures can be good talkers but are VERY loud. My senegal (and all the others I have known) is very playful, likes to learn tricks, and very quiet but other than mumbling doesn't talk. For a townhouse, a blue crown may be way too loud unless you have understanding neighbors. They are one of the loudest conures, even louder than sun conures which is saying a lot.

    Conures are usually very outgoing, Senegals can be more shy, bordering on nervous if not socialized properly. They're said to be one person birds whereas conures can be better for a family. My Senegal is a little nervous in new situations, but he's great with everyone, kids, strangers, doesn't matter. He'll let anyone pet, hold or even flip him on his back. He lovea to just hang out while i scratch his head, he's not demanding about attention but enjoys it. If socialized properly most Senegals can be great for families but they do get jealous, especially of other pets and sometimes people. Out of all my parrots, my Senegal is the only one I let strangers handle. As babies you do have to be gentle and nurturing with them as like African Grey's they are sensitive to rough handling. Conures tend to tolerate amateur mistakes a little better.

    I did live with a dusky, he was very exciteable and extremely active. A little nippy, but all parrots do go through a nippy stage when they're adolescents. A very entertaining bird though. He didn't have an off switch, he was always on the go.

    It just comes down to which bird suits your personality and lifestyle better.

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    hi,ive kept conures and senegals before and the best 1 in my opinion would be the conure

    Source(s): bird breeder and exhibitor for 30 years
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