Is this an insect bite or just an allergic reaction?

I've been getting these on my legs, arms and back. They don't stay for long, usually goes away pretty fast. But I notice I've been getting them when I am on my couch. I eat on my couch a lot, and sometimes I get pretty messy so some crumbs do end up on my couch.

Heres a picture

So are there like tiny little bugs on my couch eating up the crumbs and also biting me? Or am I just allergic to the material of my couch?


ITS ALSO VERY VERY ITCHY! I try my best not to scratch it

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    That definitely sounds/looks like insect bites!! You should clean your couch very throughly or get a new couch all together!! Those bugs on your couch are definitely biting you!! Also, it's very important to determine what kind of bugs they are. I would ask a doctor or look closer at the types of bugs you see on your couch.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Check what cleaning products you use or it could be what you are eating (too much fruit?) as well, mightn't be the couch.. if it persists, or worsens, see a doctor immediately.

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