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Should I take tap or contemporary?

My tap teacher thinks I am ready to jump from grade 4 tap to grade 5 tap, without taking grade 4/5. But if I take grade 5 tap I am not able to do my Senior Contemporary class. I am not sure if grade 5 tap will be too hard for me, because I have not learned any trick steps like Wings or Pullbacks. But I was best in my class in tap 4, and most of the steps seemed too easy. Contemporary is my level, but I have some trouble picking up combos fast enough. Thanks in advance!!! :) P.S I am 13 :D

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    im 14 and i love contemporary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you cant do wings or pullbacks you might want to go to a more advanced studio because ive been doing those since i was like 7!

    in contemporary you have to let your body flow! what ever feels natural is usually the next move so hope that helps you learn faster.

    if i were you i would do contemporary because you can do A LOT more like lifts and easier turns! its just more full out and when you do tap its a lot of just your feet.

    i hope this helps your decision!!!!!!!(:

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    I'm 10 and I can do a pullback ....contemporary I think has alot of technique in it. Tap really does not but, which ever one you like better but if your tap teacher thinks your ready than maybe you are! Peace, Love, Dance!

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    take contemporary and tap 4/5.

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