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How do I get my wife motivated to work?

She's been out of the full time workforce for a few years now (full time because she has had a few short lived part time jobs and worked part time respite care for her sister). I'm a student on EI and am not allowed to work much because of EI rules which say I could lose my benefits AND course if I do, so we are behind on our rent and I owe the school money as well-basically its pay these and starve or just buy food instead. She just finished her graphic design course in December and lost her respite care job in april, and is not making much of an effort to find work. I worked full time while she did her course, and we had an agreement she would try to find work while I'm in school. She is a wonderful person in every way but this aspect is getting tiring. Any thoughts?

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    Sit her down with a worksheet of income and outflow of income, as well as a tally of overdue bills. Then, say you both are going to have to give up the apartment and move in with your mother until you finish schooling because you can't deal with the financial pressure. That should light the fire of ambition.

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