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Dropped Samsung Galaxy S2 in toilet....?

It wasn't in there more than 3 seconds, if that! It turns on fine, the touch screen works fine, the camera is fine. But now its overheating like CRAZY! It's been overheating the past few months if used for more than 5 mins straight such as playing games. So I'm wondering if its just shorting out even more now because of the water that may have damaged it. I took it apart right away & dried off the drops I could see & let it dry out for over an hour but its still overheating without even using it. Could this be a manufactuer defect or would it be a water damage defect???


Thanks genius as you've clearly read through the whole thing. My phone has been overheating since I first got it 4 months ago. It is also not appearing on any indicators to be water damaged, the phone has been taken apart & there is no water damage. I was wondering if the battery itself is causing the short because of possible water damage or if this defect is with the phone itself... but thanks for your advice moron

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have 2 separate answers about your situation... first we look at your water problem.

    You may not see it BUT IT IS THERE! ... Moisture. Now there is only one thing you can do about it, and that is DRY IT OUT.

    The process takes a minimum of 3 full days... there are a few people that say this process can be done quicker... but I would not risk it. A phone with a removable battery = 2 days

    The trick is not to rush this... every attempt at running your phone (with the possibility of water inside), is a __% risk of permanent damage. (Considering the price of these phones, why would you risk it anyway, WAIT THE 2 to 3 full DAYS) Here are some advisable steps to take...

    First... Dry the phone off with towels.

    Second... Use a high power vacuum to get as much water out as you can through the various holes in the device.

    Third... Run a blow dryer a low heat setting for a while in those same holes

    Fourth... Put the phone in a container of FRESHLY OPENED rice and reseal as quickly as possible. (Leave your phone in the SEALED container for 3 full days)

    ***** Here Is why your phone is over-heating.

    The problem is that you are "burning" up your battery too fast, by running too many apps with background updates and notifications. This is also making your phone buggy/ glitchy.

    Here are a list of things that drain your battery...

    ***** Push Notifications ***** These are the apps that are automatically checking for updates every so often. ie."15-60" minutes. These types of apps are your Email, Facebook, Weather Alerts, Breaking News and such. If you wish to save your battery with these... go into the settings of each of these apps and turn off the updates or push notifications until you actually open the app.

    ***** Animated Wallpaper ***** This is a huge battery drain.

    ***** Updating Widgets ***** Animated clocks or animated widgets of any kind, Weather widgets, messaging widgets, email widgets and such. All of these update themselves periodically... you may be able to lengthen the amount of time between updates, so it updates less often.

    ***** Dim the Screen ***** The mortal enemy to the battery of your device. I use this myself on my phone, but all phones software for this is not the same. You may need to manually adjust your phone to a dimmer setting.

    ***** Keep the Screen Timeout Short ***** Under your phone's display settings menu, you should find an option labeled 'Screen Timeout' or something similar. This setting controls how long your phone's screen stays lit after receiving input.

    ***** Turn Off Bluetooth ***** The extra "radio" is constantly listening for signals from the outside world. When you aren't in your car, or when you aren't expecting a call that you'll want to take via a headset, turn off the Bluetooth radio. (Besides, walking around with a Bluetooth headset in your ear when you're not actually on a call doesn't do anything positive for your street cred anyway.)

    ***** Turn Off Wi-Fi When Not In Use ***** As with Bluetooth, your phone's Wi-Fi radio is a serious battery drainer. While you prefer the improved speed at your home or office, there's no point in leaving the Wi-Fi radio on when you're out and about. Toggle it off when you go out the door, and turn it back on only when within range of your Wi-Fi network. Add the Wi-Fi toggle widget to their home screen to make this a one-tap process.

    ***** Go Easy on the GPS ***** Another big battery sucker is your phone's GPS unit, which is a radio that sends and receives signals to and from satellites to triangulate your phone's location. Various apps access your phone's GPS to provide services ranging from finding nearby restaurants to checking you in on social networks. As a user, you can revoke these apps' access to your phone's GPS. When you install them, many apps will ask you for permission to use your location. When in doubt, say no.

    ***** Kill Extraneous Apps ***** Multitasking... the ability to run more than one app at a time--is a powerful smartphone feature. It also burns a lot of energy, because every app you run uses a share of your phone's processor cycles. By killing apps that you aren't actually using, you can drastically reduce your CPU's workload and cut down on its power consumption. For Android phones--which are notorious battery hogs due to their wide-open multitasking capabilities. I like an app called Advanced Task Killer, which has an auto-kill feature that polices your apps throughout the day

    ***** JuiceDefender APP for Android ***** By manually adjusting all of your phone's settings over the course of a day, you may be able to squeeze a few extra usable hours out of your battery. But if the effort sounds too cumbersome to you, consider downloading an app that manages your battery for you. This app automatically toggles your radios on and off and manages your phone's CPU usage to optimize your battery life moment-to-moment

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    When you get your phone wet it is best to not try to turn it on, take the back off and battery out, and put the phone in a bag of rice for two days. Usually the battery is ruined. That is what is probably going on with your phone. Just get a new battery somewhere that has a return policy in case the phone is bad. I get mine here:

    P.S. There is a water damage indicator in your phone and on the battery so if you tried to get replaced through warranty they would know you got it wet. Good luck:)

  • Susan
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    5 years ago

    yeah, just put it in rice without the battery or back on and leave it alone as much as you can for the next 48 hours, and it should be fine, the screen might stay a bit wierd, mind dont keep trying to switch it on, it could make it short circuit, good luck!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Of course its a water damage effect ****-tard

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