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Tooth extraction :/ help question.?

so i just had teeth extraction 3 day ago...and there's whitish thingy on the extraction site.what is that? that the blood clot?is it supposed to be whitish?

it doesnt its not a dry socket// my gums do hurt a little bit sometimes coz theyre swollen... and also, my mouth smells/tastes bad! :(

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    Hi Mara --

    Relax....that's the oral scab forming. It looks whitish/grayish because it stays wet. Don't go poking at it, or trying to rinse it out - just leave it there. It's a sign that there's good healing starting.

    Of course your mouth smells & tastes bad - you had a tooth pulled, and your normal oral care routine has been disrupted, plus, you had some bleeding, and there's some food debris and plaque. Don't worry about it. Nothing can get trapped in the hole, because as the gum heals, it fills in from the bottom up, like a turned on garden hose at the bottom of a pool.

    Sounds like you're doing fine!

    Source(s): RDH
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  • 8 years ago

    Probably food of some sort.

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