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Where can I buy a Sword Training Dummy online?

So, I have some swords but it's difficult to train when there's no dummy. So where ONLINE could I buy a training dummy, whether it's the ones for boxing or not doesn't matter. I just need a training dummy.


I am using real swords, daggers, scythes... Have it all ready to go except for the training dummy...

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    There are no dummies involved in sword training, except occasionally one of the ones holding the sword.

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  • 8 years ago

    oh come on making a pell is not that hard to make also I have heard of people making ones out of old tired vaguely in the shape of a body..(so,e times armed with a wooden sword)

    also to the person who said there are no dummies in sword training... that usually just depends on your definition of dummy I mean a punching bag works pretty well and can be considered a simple dummy(generally though they last far less long than when under regular boxing or other body based martial arts) has more information for you to read up on the subject

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The answer to this really depends on what type of swords you are training with. Are you using real swords? If so, are they sharp, or blunt reenactment swords? Or are you using wooden training swords? I'm going to assume you are already smart enough to know you can't hit cheap display swords against anything - especially not stainless steel, shatter prone swords, or anything without a full tang.

    If you are using blunt steel, a pell is great for training. You can also use one with sharp steel or wood. Don't get anything too expensive if you are going to cut it up eventually. I used large heavy boxing bags with my wooden training swords and blunt steel. You need other targets for precision training.

    When training accurate cuts, I generally use cutting targets (water filled plastic bottles, fruit and vegetables, bamboo, small branches or tatami mats).

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  • 4 years ago

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