What is a free, fun game me and my buds can play in the summer?

Has to be:



-not too hard with graphics (Our comps aren't amazing)

-relatively easy to follow and understand

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  • 8 years ago
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    My list: (Not in any particular order except for my favorite, Team Fortress 2)

    1. Team Fortress 2 (Steam Game, most computers can run well)

    2. Ace of Spades (Any computer can run, graphics-wise)

    3. APB Reloaded (Higher end computer recommended, Steam game)

    4. Toribash (Sort of difficult to understand until you get good at it, but still REALLY fun)

    3. Octodad (Higher end computer recommended, difficult game controls-wise)

    6. Slender (Higher end computer recommended, horror game)

    For the higher end computer recommended ones, I would try them and if it doesn't run well, you can always delete it! After all, it was free!

    Extra: (If you have some money to spend on these)

    1. Terraria (Steam game, cheap, most computers can run well)

    2. ArmA II (Steam game, costs $15 USD, higher end computer recommended, try DayZ mod-Requires ArmA II: CO, $30 USD)

    3. Total War games (Steam games, earlier ones cost less and don't require a really good pc)

    4. Garry's Mod (Steam game, pretty cheap and most computers can run well)

    5. Basically any Valve game I didn't mention (My fav. developer, all games are on Steam, most don't require a great pc, most are pretty cheap, too)

    Steam is a free program you can download to use to buy/download games and talk with your buds.

    Steam Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

    Source(s): Personal Experience, as I am a pc gamer.
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