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tips or guides for game designing?

im currently 13 and my dream would to be a game designer. i want to learn as much about it as possible, as soon as possible. my parents dont support the idea because like most they want me to become a dr or lawyer. so anybody have tips or guides on how i can start out? or how much the average pay is? (oh and by game designing, more specifically id like to be a MMORPG or video game designer not stuff like browser games and such)

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    9 years ago
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    If you want to start designing levels or characters, you can start that right now.........All games originate on paper first, no matter what. Draw everything, plan everything the way you want on paper..............

    Then, practice your art skills in paint programs. Get a drawing tablet.

    As for actually developing the game and making it see the light of day is another story. I know how excited you are to start making games and grab a controller, hook it up, and move your character around and make him/her do stuff, but it will take time.

    you first need to learn how to program. Forget C, the standard language for game development is C++. You will have to spend some time writing programs that aren't games just so you can gain experience and become a decent programmer. And yes, mathematics is very important, so if you haven't made your peace with it, do so and start loving it NOW!

    also, after some programming experience, you will have to learn graphics libraries, such as Direct X or Open GL. This is when you can start learning game development for real. But you will have to start with 2d game development and first learn the

    principles of game design.

    Remember, EVERYTHING has to be created from scratch and you have to account for everything in your programming code. Even something as simple as a menu screen is tough at first.

    After some experience with 2D game development, you're ready for 3D game development.

    I don't mean to discourage you, but game development is a journey. If you understand that, you'll be fine. It's also great that you're starting at the age of 13, since you have a lot to learn. Its worse for somebody who starts when they're already in their 20's.

    keep at it, keep learning as much as you can, try to find an experienced person who can mentor you, if possible,it's' a long and tough road, but the only way you won't achieve your goal is if you give up. Keep at it and you will get there.

    As for the pay, it usually depends on how successful the video game is.

  • 9 years ago

    There's a lot more than just making it look pretty, you need to know a lot about computers to do this, there's a program I downloaded called endorphin and it's made for doing animations and such like a game, there's a free one called the learning edition then the full one which costs money. I want to do this kind of stuff too but I think I'm going to get a career in welding

  • 5 years ago

    Designing or programming? those are 2 thoroughly multiple issues, and that i do no longer think of school is going that can assist you plenty with the two. to learn programming, you will discover numerous tutorials on line. As for designing, there are various areas which contain 3-D kind designing, 2nd paintings, designing maps, scenes, ...and so on.

  • im not a game desiner but all i know is that it involves a lot of math and work so but when you do learn how to create a game start small like a flash game

    make sure to original

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  • 5 years ago

    Doing work for house is a wonderful deal and not a lot of individuals get to do it even if they want this.

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