Help with a modem issue? Please help!?

So my friend has been having issues with his internet and today he got a new modem. He says that it is a touchstone DOCSIS 3.0 gateway through Comcast. He also said that he hooked up the modem, then put in the modem's i.d. info, typed in the url needed for setup, and then the setup wizard wouldn't open. We don't know how to fix this problem. He's tried several times but the same result keeps occurring. Can anyone help? Thank you! ^.^


:P i probably sound stupid by asking this, but what exactly is an OS and where can you find out what it is on you're computer, Geekirella? Thanks!

Update 2:

No :)

Update 3:

Windows 7 i think

Update 4:

OK thank you! :)

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    8 years ago
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    What OS is he running?

    Don't worry that's not stupid :)

    Does his computer have an apple symbol on it?

    Okay, so it's not a Mac. I'm guessing he's also not running Linux.

    Normally I would tell him to go to this URL But if he's not connected to the internet, I'm not sure how he'd do that!

    Hmmmm does he know if it might be Windows 7 or Windows Vista?

    haha thank god it's not Vista!

    Has he tried going into the control panel and going to his network settings? I don't have windows so I am not sure what the exact pathway would be, but if it is not a problem with the modem itself it should show up in the network panel.

    Otherwise, he could try what is suggested below, although giving commands directly to the computer is very intimidating for some users!

    No problem, I hope you guys figure it out!

  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like he is not actually connecting to the modem.


    Connect PC [wired] to Broadband Modem.




    Reset Broadband Modem: With a straightened paperclip, press RESET button momentarily.


    Wait 60 secs.


    On the PC: Click [Start] - Click [Run...] - enter: cmd [ENTER]


    At the prompt (c:\.....>) enter: ipconfig /all [ENTER]

    - Ensure DHCP Enabled == YES


    At the prompt (c:\.....>) enter: ipconfig /release [ENTER]


    At the prompt (c:\.....>) enter: ipconfig /renew [ENTER]


    TEST: Open Web Browser: Type in URL for setup.

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