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how much does it cost to own a fish each month?

i'm thinking of buying a fish, preferably a fighting fish of some sort because they're beautiful. i already have a cat, so i know i will be very careful. i plan on buying a lid for the fish bowl to keep it safe. but how much does it cost to keep a fish? how long do they generally live? also, do i need to have the little rocks at the bottom of the bowl? i've never had a fish before, so i want to be prepared. any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Monthly? Basically nothing, except the tap water. Initial cost is probably around $100, though: you'll need a small tank (2.5 gallons min, 5 gallons is great) with a lid (bettas can jump out of their tanks), a heater set to 78 or 80F and a filter, gravel for the bottom, a gravel vacuum to keep the gravel clean, water conditioner to remove harmful metals and stuff in the tap water, and a container of food. Bettas generally live around 2-3 years, but they can live up to 5 with proper care.

    You'll need to change part of the water (10-20%) weekly by vacuuming the water out into a bucket while you vacuum the gravel to remove waste (also a weekly chore). You can leave the betta in the tank while you vacuum, it won't hurt them, they'll probably just be curious about what you're doing to their home. When you put fresh water in the tank to replace the water you took out, you'll need to add water conditioner before you put the new water into the tank (follow the directions on the bottle to know how much to add).

    You'll need to feed the betta (fighting fish) almost every day - it helps the fish out if you skip one day a week so his digestive system can rest, otherwise he can get constipated, which can actually kill them. When you feed him, if you're using pellets, give him 3-5 pellets a day. You can also give him freezedried bloodworms or freezedried brine shrimp as a treat, the bettas love them and it gives them variety. You wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day, would you?

    Anyway, as far as monthly costs, they cost basically nothing, but again, the initial cost of the tank and all the supplies is the big expense. I've had my betta for three months and all I've had to buy since the original big shopping trip to buy the supplies is a second bottle of water conditioner, since the first bottle ran out. The water changes only take about 10 minutes to do, so they're pretty low maintenance.

    PLEASE don't keep him in a bowl, you'll make his life harder and create more work for yourself. If you keep him in a bowl without a heater and a filter and without enough room, you'll have to do daily 100% water changes to keep the ammonia from building up (fish produce ammonia when they poop, and it's toxic to them and can kill them). If you don't do the daily 100% water changes, the ammonia will build up in the tank and eventually kill your fish. Tanks with heaters and filters are much, much better for the fish, and much less work for you. :)

    *Forgot to add that you can buy decorations and fake plants for the tank, it'll make it more interesting to look at and more fun for the fish. But make sure that the fake plants are SILK, not plastic, because the plastic plants can tear the betta's fins. Also make sure that any decorations you buy don't have sharp edges or points, because those can also tear their fins.

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  • Cj
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    Don't get a bowl. Get a tank. Bowls are not good for fish, they need a filter. Over all your fish may look fine, but he/she will have lots of bio load problems in a tiny little bowl.

    Think, it has to poop in there, so if we were with our own feces in a small room, we would get really sick. Thats why they make small tanks.

    Get a 10 gallon tank and a small filter.

    It will cost about 20 - 35 bucks to get everything to start with a tank, and get a fish to live to the full life expectancy, and it could cost 10 bucks to have a cramped fish in a bowl that will die in a month.

    Please do not get a bowl.

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 1 pictus catfish, and 2 blue gouramis. It cost 260 bucks to get my tank, stand, filter heater gravel, etc.

    (you will not have to worry about that much money with a ten gal, they can be put on a table)

    After it being bought, it I feed them frozen blood worms and flake.

    A large sized flake can costs about 3 bucks, and the blood worms cost about 4.

    They last me about 3 months because I feed both.

    Then I have to buy a new box of filter inserts about once a month.

    So this really, after all the stuff bought to set up a tank, costs about 20 bucks every 3 months at most for me.

    For one little betta probably about 10 bucks a month or 2. That is if the fish does not get sick, and does not need meds, etc.

    Just please do not get a bowl. Read about on google how bad they are. Its bad.

    Get a small tank :) Then get a filter and a box of filter inserts. then get gravel, and plants, etc. :)

    Your Fighter will live way healthier in a filtered tank, than in a bowl.

    Also tanks make good for better views! :)

    If you want a recommendation, check out African Dwarf Frogs! They are fully Aquatic Frogs that only are about an inch long.

    Make sure that all 4 feet are webbed if you get one! The ones with no front webs are african clawed frogs, which can get to be as big as a tennis ball i believe.

    Also Dwarf frogs have eyes on the sides of there heads, and Clawed ones have them on top.

    Anyway, ADF's are great in a pair and can live in a little tank. They are extremely cute too. :)

    Gravel is needed yes, in the fishes view, the bottom of the bowl looks like water. So he will smack the bottom if you don't get gravel. :(

    I beleive they live about 4 or 5 years. But if very healthy, can live more I am sure.

    African dwarf frogs live 3-4. or more if very healthy. :)

    Sorry to hassle you about the bowl, it may seem ok, but it will shorten the life of anything in it. they need a small filtered tank. :)

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  • A bowl, maybe $20 for everything.

    But you'd keep buying fish, because the betta's would be dieing in bowls.

    For a PROPER tank, its a about $130-150 for the tank/supplies and about 9$ a year on food. A few cents a day for the filter/heater/light to run.

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  • 4 years ago

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    A betta is an excellent first aquarium fish if you take the time to learn about them beforehand. Your mom’s advice to do some research first is smart and responsible. You are already way ahead of most adults."Bettas" and "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactiveness, and relatively low cost for maintenance and care. Betta fish can prove to be man's best friend for up to four years. Here are 2 web-sites to help you get going :

    Basically you can have a decent betta fish tank working if you can spare at least $40-$75 and then $5 every 3-4 months to feed them. Good Luck

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    about 3 cents a day or three 2.78$ .42 OZ (12g) cans of food a year

    yes have little rocks. make sure you wash them thoroughly with warm water.

    i have had a goldfish for a little over a year or more and i have never even cleaned out the tank just added water

    feed it a pinch of flakes a day

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Bettas need a five gallon tank with a filter, heater, and a lid. Get this and you can get a betta.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    a lot because if it is a salt water fish you have to buy a tank filter heater and the list goes on and on and on so recommend a beta they eat tiny peltits and i have had mine for like 3 years and we haven't had to buy new food once we probably have like 5 years of food left in one bottle good like PS only buy one they are a little vicious lol

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