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Where do you pay Zakat Al Fitr?

they have a thing on the mosque website that says "Zakat-Al-Fitr $10/person" so where does one put this money? do you put it in those boxes for donations at the mosque or do you have to give it to someone specific at the mosque?

i'm going to look into this in real life but thought i'd get some answers here too insha Allah

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    Assalamu alaykum Zakat al fitr should be paid to the special committee at the mosque who will collect all zakat from the jama'ahs and distribute it to poor Muslims who need help Yiu can deliver your money to the member of that committee and you will get its receipt evidence You could not put it into donation box at the mosque This zakat al fitr can be paid also directly to poor Muslims if you know them

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    I believe in Ramadan they would have a different box for that saying Zakat.. but I would go and ask the Imam or mouadhen

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    We personally know a poor widow in Pakistan. We send our zakat and Sadaquat to her. When lady took care of my both ailing parents in last five years of their life living with them. Now she lives with her one grand son but we send her money to her to take of herself and marrying her grand daughters because their mother died long time ago.

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    It is best to give it to a needy muslim person directly before the eid salaah, so that they can also make provisions for eid for their families :)

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    better you should give to the person who is main in the masjid.

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