Paypal and eBay Question, Please help me?

So basically I made a transfer from my bank account through to my paypal account of $35 last night that was expected to arrive in my paypal this monday so I could purchase an item... buuut my mother decided to take cash out of my bank account and left me with $30 in there, $5 less than what I transferred. Is Paypal going to bounce my payment and this waiting be for nothing AND I risk loosing my item :( OR can I for example tomorrow put in $10 to my bank account tomorrow and it still be successful in transferring to pay pal. Basically I'm agitated because I was waiting on this payment to clear so I could purchase my rare item from the seller.

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    8 years ago
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    exactly. you need to sign up for a paypal account and an option in paypal will allow a paypal symbol to show up on your ebay auctions. I highly recommend paypal even though their fees can be high sometimes. A lot more people will bid on your auctions with the paypal option. It is immediate payment usually instead of sometimes waiting weeks for a money order to arrive.

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