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What's your idea of a perfect family?

Before I start, of course I'd be thrilled with whatever happens, this is just what I picture! Be as creative and detailed as you wish.

This is mine...

Husband: We meet at university. We date for three years before he proposes, so I'm 22. We're engaged for ten months before we marry. It's a simple, yet beautiful ceremony and reception. He finishes university while I'm doing a second degree, and he becomes an orthodontist.

Me: I finish my Bachelor of Social Work around the time my husband proposes. I get myself a full time job working with underprivileged children so we have enough for the wedding and a house. Once we're married I start working part time and start a Bachelor in Behavioral Science. After finishing my studies I get a better job, similar to what I had before, and work full time until I have children. Once the children are born I work only once a week, but once they're at school I start working about three or four days a week.

House: The family house is a five bedroom townhouse only a few minute walk from the heart of the city. We also have a three bedroom shack where we go on long weekends and school holidays.

Pets: The family has a pug named Eddie, and a turtle named Liam.


1. Taylor James

He is born about four months after my husband and I marry. His hair is all different shades of blonde, he has dark green eyes and is quite tall. At school he does very well and has a lot of friends. When he finishes school he wants to get a degree, then start a business.

2. Louis Charlton

He is two years younger than Taylor. His hair is a light brown, his eyes very dark brown and he is only a few cm shorter than his brother. At school he doesn't too particularly well, but he's excellent at football (AFL).

3. Shelby Ann

She is nine years younger than Louis and is the baby of the family. Light blonde, curly hair and dark hazel eyes. She's ahead for her age, and is a keen author. Her personality is very bubbly and you can't not adore her.

So, what is yours? :)

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    Husband: We've been dating since high school and even went to the same university. We moved all the way to London because that was the only school we both got into. He proposed after our graduation ceremony. We were engaged for quite a while. He goes on to medical school to become a children's doctor and I followed him to go to a culinary arts school nearby. We finally get married the following year on New Year's Eve. Our wedding was simple yet elegant.

    House: We have a 5 bed room house within walking distance of downtown London. It is on a nice quiet street where all the neighbors know each other. It has a nice backyard with a treehouse for our kids. The inside is modern looking. Each of the kids' rooms are custom designed.

    Pets: We have a french bulldog named Friday, a pomeranian named Kitty, a mixed mutt named Turtle, 2 tabby cats, Tiger and Dragon and a bunny named Cotton.


    Jensen Klaus & Jasper Beau "Jazz" (twins) -17

    -They were born about 1 year after we got married. They are identical twins. They have light brown hair. Jensen's is short and spikey sometimes and Jasper's is medium length, barely covering up to his eyebrows. They both have shiny blue eyes. They are both tall and lean. Jensen is the "bad boy" of the family although he means no harm. Jasper is into music. He is quite gifted.

    Samuel Blake "Sam" -16

    -Sam is a year younger than the twins. When people look at them, they think they're triplets. Sam also has light brown hair and shiny blue eyes. His hair is long like Jasper's but a little shorter and goes off to the other direction. Sam is really active in sports and has a great deal of energy.

    Eliot Morgan "Ellie" -14

    -Ellie is 2 years younger than Sam. She has long pin straight light brown hair. She has shiny blue eyes just like her brothers. She is a small, pretty girl. She is really smart. She is really focused on school.

    Alexander Miles "Alex" & Isobel Charlotte "Izzy" -10

    -Alex and Izzy are 4 years younger than Ellie. Alex looks just like what Sam did when he was growing up. Except Alex has darker, curly hair and bigger green eyes. Izzy looks nothing like Ellie. She has beautiful, curly blonde hair. She also has big green eyes and a crooked smile that will melt your heart. Both of them smile similarly. Alex is quite well rounded. He is a musician, an athlete and on the honor roll. Izzy too is well rounded. She is also a musician, athlete and on the honor roll.

    Mark Ashton -7

    -Mark is 3 years younger than Alex and Izzy. He has short brown hair and green eyes. He is really skinny because he likes being active and is quite energetic. He takes after Sam in his talent for sports. He mostly likes running around and playing catch.

    Lila Rumor -6

    -Lila is exactly 1 year younger than Mark. They share a birthday! Lila has cute, long, curly brown hair that she always wears in a half pony tail. She likes dressing up in her sisters' old clothes. She also likes to tag along to whatever Mark does.

    so you like One Direction? haha :)

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    Husband: We meet our senior year of high school and go to college together. After dating for 5 years, he proposes once we are both out of college. We stay engaged for one year and get married when I'm 21 and he's 22. The ceremony is in fall in the park under a huge willow/oak tree, it was a simple but elegant wedding. He chooses a career as a Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer for NFL players.

    Me: I get a job as a Journalist for the local new station, but because I got a full academic scholarship for college, my husband only had to pay for his tuition. So we use the money for my college to pay for the wedding and a small house. I start just doing traffic reports but by the end of the three months I have moved quickly up the ladder to going out and reporting on scene.

    House: We live in a town house, with four large bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. The master bedroom is the biggest with a medium sized bathroom. The other rooms are an exercise room, an office and a guest room.

    Children: We wait one year before having kids.

    Ariana Catherine: Dirty blonde hair, with natural strawberry tones with light blue eyes, she is quiet but she loves to compete. She plays select volleyball and she is a synchronized diver. Her future career is a PE teacher or a high school Science teacher

    Liam Justin (2 years younger than Ariana) : He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, he is very tall for his age, he loves to play sports especially basketball. He loves to be social and be around people. His future career is a FBI agent.

    Hayley Laurel: (3 years younger than Liam): Carmel/golden color hair with bright green eyes, she loves to sing and make music. She fluently plays the piano and the guitar, she is confident in her music and her future career is a song writer

    Source(s): ~myself
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    This is mine: My name: Anglesea Newman

    Wife (don't judge me :D): Her name is Brittany: We meet senior year in High School and we rent an apartment together for the remainder of the year. We go to college together and we are roommates together. After 7 years of dating, we decide we should try to tie the knot. Since NJ only has civil unions for gays, thats is what we choose to do. We have a beautiful outdoor reception with our friends and family. She has a job and a pharmacist and makes 80K a year. I work at an aquarium as a sea lion and dolphin trainer and make 25K a year.

    House: We get a house together with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. It is very close to the NYC so we love going there together

    Family: By the time we are both 30, I want to have a family. We considered adoption, but we decided to go with a sperm donor.


    1. Kingston James - I get pregant with him very easily. He has a mix between mine and (the VERY handsome) sperm donor (named Ed). He has light brown hair and hazel eyes. He grows to be very tall and well built. He is athletic and bonds well with Brit. He also has a great sence of style. Caring, Outgoing, Adventurous, and Charming. Also, straight.

    2. Juliana (Julie) Sophia - She is 2 and a half years younger than Kingston. She is from the same sperm donor (Ed). She has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. She is beautiful and funloving. She can always put a smile on anyone's face. She is close with her brother, as well as me and Brit. She loves to do ballet and sing.

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    Mine: I really just want to be happy and loved, but I am a girl, so here's what I've always imagined.

    Meeting a guy, being together for a few years, then getting married and buying a craftsman style house.

    Getting two kittens (boy and girl) and naming them Luna and Larry. Lol. Cheesy but I love it for some reason.

    Getting a puppy (mutt) named Trixie

    Having our first born, a boy:

    James Charles. Soulful eyes and a calm child. Named James for my Dad who passed away.

    Then two girls.

    Sofia Lynn would be first. She'd be a giggly little thing, with an air of drama about her. She'd like to be bossy and in charge, which would be fine with James. Lynn for my mom


    Kiara Rose: she'd be my artsy child. A tad moody and tends to feel left out. Doesn't always get along with Sofia, but they are still very close. She tends to go against the norms just because she can.

    Then another boy:

    Ethan Thomas: He'd be boisterous and loud, a bit of a mama's boy. He'd hate school and like sports and friends.

    and perhaps when they're 5 and up: We'd adopt a little girl:

    Charlotte Irene: She'd be the youngest by 5 years, and a bit eccentric. She would be a handful, but worth it all.

    That's mine!

    oh yes, and I'd be a internationally best selling novelist too. NBD :]

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    I would marry my boyfriend, Marshall, on a beach on Lake Michigan in the summer when I am 22 and he is 23. Maybe Sturgeon Bay, Traverse Bay, or Church Beach in Harbor Springs? We will buy a cabin overlooking the lake and I will have my first baby when I'm 23.

    We will have 2 boys and 2 girls:

    Xavier Reece - 12

    Oliver Gideon - 7

    Lillian Rachel - 2

    Mia Jocelynn - 2

    Marshall and I both have blonde hair. I have hazel eyes and he has blue eyes. Our kids will have a combination of those.

    We will have a male chocolate lab named Moose and a male English Bulldog named Rhino.

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    I though I had my life figured out until recently, when I realised that things likely won't go the way I want them to, and I'll only be setting myself up for disappointment if I put all my hope into a dream that likely won't come true. Now, all I want is to drop 20 pounds, gain a bit of self-confidence, head off to university to do who-knows-what (something in childcare, I would imagine), and hopefully meet a nice guy who's looking for a serious, committed relationship.

    That being said, I DO hope to have/adopt 5+ children. I come from a large family that has 2 to 4 siblings to each aunt and uncle but now, at 18 years old, I know I shall forever be an only child. And the hollowness I feel because of that is overbearing. The need for lots of brothers and sisters has transformed into a need for lots of sons and daughters.

    (B) - Dorian Charles - "Dorey"

    Characteristics: Black hair, grey eyes

    A strict and academic child. He's not very popular as he's awkward and out of place when forced to mingle with children his own age. Still, he is a kind boy and entirely devoted to his siblings, even if they do get on his nerves some...

    (G) - Gertrude Victoria - "Gerty"

    Characteristics: Black hair, blue eyes

    An athletic, tomboy child. Dolls and dresses would sooner be burned than used as football (English) and all other forms of sport is what she craves the most. Overall, she's by no means a conventional girl but a lovey one nonetheless.

    (G) - Patricia Gail - "Trish"

    Characteristics: Brown hair, brown eyes

    A shy and bookwormish child. Reading is her preference above most things, sometimes even socializing, as becoming a professional author is what she aspires to and analysing different writing styles will help her achieve that goal.

    (B) - Mallory Vincent - "Lore"

    Characteristics: Blonde hair, blue eyes

    A playful and outgoing child. Incredibly popular and adventurous. A social butterfly in all senses and an overall joy to be around, proven by his large groups of friends and close relations with people of his general area.

    (B) - Godfrey Jude - "Free"

    Characteristics: Blonde hair, grey eyes

    Kindly and reserved. Definitely a mummy's boy and the baby of the family. A timid, respectful child who holds an overwhelming passion for all forms of theatrical arts, ballet being not only his favourite, but his passion as he loves to dance. All in all, a more 'modern' boy of society.

    Thanks for the fun question! :3

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    8 years ago

    My ideal life:

    I'm attending university at my dream university (I've already been accepted YAYYY like in real life this is actually happening). My second year of university, I study abroad in London. While studying there, I meet my boyfriend. After the year abroad I decide to move to England and continue my education there. I graduate with a degree in Biology. Shortly after that, my boyfriend proposes. We marry the following May.

    In early August, we find out I'm pregnant! It's a girl. We name her Emilia Beatrice. She's a brunette with bright blue eyes with golden flecks.

    About a year and a half after Emilia is born, we find out I'm pregnant again! It turns out we're having fraternal twins. One boy and one girl. The boy is named Joseph Charles and the girl is Lily Katarina. Joseph is dark haired and green eyed. Lily is blonde with hazel eyes.

    Houses: We have a house outside of London where we live. We also buy a summer home outside of Amsterdam in a town called Haarlem when Emilia is about 9 years old. My parents also have a lakehouse in North Carolina, so we visit there often to visit with the family in America.

    Pets: We have two cats named Neville and Luna as well as a dog named Roscer


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    Dream Family

    Husband: We were best friends all throughout school, went to the same same college, dated for 5 years. We got married in mid spring, amongst the cherry blossoms. It was simple and elegant.

    Me: I majored in Creative writing and Education, became a teacher and wrote a novel.

    House: Our house is a nice, clean & comfy 3 bedroom.

    Pets: Our family has a shitzu named Cookie and a poodle named Rosie.


    1. Caleb Thomas

    He is born about 6 weeks after we marry. His hair is light brown and he has adorable blue eyes and average height. He is an honors student, and is very popular. After school, he plans to become a teacher.

    2. Claire Joy

    She is 3 years younger than Caleb. Her hair is a light caramel color and sparkling blue eyes and a little short. She is an honors student, is very popular, and is an awesome author.

    3. Henry William

    He is 4 years younger than Claire and his hair is light brown. He has blue eyes and is average height. He is an honors student, and very popular.

    4. Teagan Nicole

    She is 2 years younger than Henry and she is the baby of the family. Her hair is light brown and she has green eyes and is average height. She is an honors student and very popular. She wants to be an artist.

    Answer mine?;_ylt=AoCpM...

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