Why do the Chinese try to claim 90% of all the South China Sea?

The Nine Dash Theory covers 90% more or less of the South China Sea. The Chinese claims sovereignty of all the islands inside their 9 Dash Line. Including islands obviously and well inside the EEZ's (Exclusive Economic Zone) of South East Asian Countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. And when the Philippines try to resolve the issue through the UN, the Chinese declines. Obviously, they are just saying that "Whatever, its ours. Whats yours is ours and what ours is ours."

Oh, and they violate UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea). Search on it.

Any insights on this?

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    It is politically and economically advantageous for China to claim territory, including offshore waters. This is nothing more than typical superpower bullying, all the major powers engage in it, including the US, which claims access to Canada's Arctic waters.

  • hb12
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    8 years ago

    You'd be surprised at all the place all around the globe that the US 'owns' that you never hear about on the news. Why do we claim little islands in the middle of the Pacific. Of course every government rationalizes what they steal. The idea is," I'm bigger than you are, any questions?"

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