What are the different levels in fencing? [10 points for best answer]?

I know that in different martial arts they have belts from white to black. I was wondering what the fencing equivalent of this would be?


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    Depends on what style of fencing you are asking about? In Japanese styles such as Shinkendo, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, and Kendo they use the kyu and dan system. This ranking system is symbolic of the feudal days of the Samurai. Usually a Samurai would begin training in kenjutsu/battojutsu around 7 or 8 years old and would usually be ready for combat on the battlefield around 15.

    9th-2nd Kyu ranking (White Belt) represents a person that is learning how to use the sword in combat but is not ready for battle. 1st Kyu (Black Belt) represents a person that now is capable of fighting on the battlefield and is the rank a warrior during the feudal era would have to achieve to be called a Samurai. The Dan ranking is the first rank a person is allowed to wear a Hakama http://www.westlord.com/aikido-hakama/ pants that kind of looks like a skirt. The dan ranking represents a Sensei (teacher/instructor) of the sword system.

    German swordsmanship uses this ranking system: http://www.memag.net/ranks.html

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    G@y, g@yer, and g@yest are the levels

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