Lebanon: Are you sick of the electricity status?

I HATE what's happening in Lebanon nowadays...I mean come on we've had so many blackouts, right?! And I can't turn on the A.C because our motor will go out but seriously everyday it's like 34 degrees outside!!

What do you think about the Lebanese power?

Thank you!



@Mr G@SS That's true..Why aren't the Lebanese doing anything about it??

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    Our current condution is very depressing :/ it makes me lose hope for this country -_- when someone foreign comes they're like "lebnen a7la balad ma fi a7la meno bi 3a2id" and they spend most of their time at beach clubs and night clubs -_-

    While the unlucky lebanese people get screwed over as usual :l

    And jabal mehsin wl tebeneh are just a bunch of uneducated bajam ! they think they're defending a cause while all their doing is risking innocent people's lives because of their ignorance -_-

  • 8 years ago

    say what!!!!!!!

    this is the worst houkoume bi terikh lebanon

    -Saida is closed due to mr asir

    -Electricity sucks like the face of bassil (and now they will close some electricity station due to mouyewimin)

    -Beb el tebeneh w jabal mihsin (every day they make new stuff)

    -el benzin riji3 yeghla

    -el moteur ti3tir (130 $ for 5 amp)

    conclusion el lebnene (el m3atar not the one with money) hibil men el wade3 ;)

    cha3eb mbanaj

    Source(s): i hope you understand arabic
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