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Ray asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 9 years ago

rent questions in Canada?

okay hello guys I have a few questions concerning about rents in Canada

1) how old do you have to be to rent a room/apartment in Canada I'm 18 turning 19 soon

2) is there a website /forum where I can look for rooms to rent that are cheap

3) what im looking for is a room with a closet , bed , and a desk , private bathroom , shared kitchen doesnt matter, internet , and washing machine .

if anyone can help me that would be great

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  • SteveN
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    9 years ago
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    Canada is a pretty big place, Ray. You may want to specify WHERE in the country you plan to live and need to rent an apartment. I can give you a website for Montreal, but it doesn't help if you plan to be living in Toronto. Sort of like asking someone where's a good website I can use to find an apartment in USA, but you don't say you are looking for the New York area instead of Chicago or Dallas.

    But let's answer what we can:

    1) You usually have to be 18 years or older to rent an apartment. Landlords tend to be a little nervous renting to someone your age because they are worried about wild parties, or you slipping out in the middle of the night without paying the rent. So you may need to show you have references and/or a job lined up. If you are coming to Canada as an international student, then you would look for a place that rents to students, or even something on campus. Otherwise, you just have to speak with and convince a landlord you are a serious and mature person that won't cause them problems. But in general, unless you are at least 18, you won't get a lease.

    2) There are usually plenty of websites that give you an idea of rentals in the area. For Montreal, I use the "Montreal A Louer" website ("A Louer" is French for "For Rent"). If you are looking for other cities, best bet is to use Google or Yahoo and just search for "apartment rentals Toronto" or whatever the city is that you are considering.

    3) What you are looking for is basically called a "1 1/2 apartment", "bachelor apartment", or "studio apartment". The call it a "one and a half" because the bedroom/living room/kitchen is all one large room, and the "half" is the bathroom which will have sink, toilet, and tub or shower. And you probably want one that is "furnished" or at least has the appliances furnished. They will come with a fridge and stove. No dishwasher. Washer/Dryer may be available in a room in the basement, otherwise they send you down to the local laundromat.

    Costs are going to vary depending on the city, and even within the city depending on what part of town you want to live in. I don't think you will find anything too nice at a cost of less than $400-500 per month, but again...everything in real estate is "location, location, location".

    Also remember that to be allowed to live in Canada, you pretty much have to have the right to be here for more than just a visit. That means you may need a student visa to attend school here, and a work permit and immigration visa if you are coming here to work and live permanently.

  • 9 years ago

    1. You need to be 16 for a rental contract. There is a special provision in the law that allows this. 18 will be fine.

    2. You do realize that Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world? There is no single website will all rentals, everywhere. Even most cities don't have such a thing. There are literally millions of apartments in Canada - probably close to 10 million.

    3. Have fun - you will need to check ads in the papers for the city you want to live in.

  • 5 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    What part of Canada? 18 is good and u need money and cheap that depends on where u want t o live.

    do u speak English? u said rents.

    do u have to immigrate you can not just move to Canada the border will stop you.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Visit to find out more about renting in Canada.

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