Insect bite or spider bites?

4 days ago i got myself a bite, i did not know until i saw it. It was a red bump with whiteness on top of it. No pain and no symptom. Now it turned into a reddish black bump. I forgot to mention that the bite is on the back of my left knee. The surrounding area of the bite now aches when i lift my knees up almost 90 degrees and also when i straighten my legs out fully. My region is British Columbia Canada, if any of you knows something about this kind of bite please help! I can email you pics since the flicker thing doesn`t work and youtube doesn`t work. Don`t worry i am not a spam and i will not hack you. I just simply want help because i notice the ache spreading day by day

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    it could be a insect bite.. if there is a spider bite, u would see a 2 white bumps with it.

    if its still infected or something like that, it would be my BEST suggession to get it checked out at the ER department immediately. Never know what it might be.. so its best to get it checked out before its too late.

    good luck to you :)

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