Where can I find an affordable dog trainer/pet sitter (That takes aggressive dogs) in Lebanon?

Hi, so I have this dog he's small and six years old. I got him when I was eight and well, he turned out very untrained because at the time, we didn't know how to properly educate him (My sister & I were too young and my momma didn't have time to train him because she had to work & take care of us)


So up until Early July, he always used to pee & do number 2 on the floor (We live in an apartment, by the way) and always barks at strangers and can harass them if he is not on a leash. But we finally took good care of him and now take him down twice a day Sure he stills barks at strangers but at least he quit peeing on the floors.

My father never liked him because of the fact he's untrained, and now that he's retired & lives with us in Lebanon, the fact that he hates him is really tearing our family apart...Today my sister snapped at him because she loves the dog.and things so far are really bad...The only way it could be solved is that he gets properly trained.

So I'm just asking if there is an affordable dog trainer that can help our dog here in Lebanon...Please!!!

Also, we're travelling in a couple of weeks & need to find a dog sitter..If I were to find a dog trainer, would my dog be able to stay there? (And we pay him, of course.)

If not, are there any pet sitters available in Lebanon?? If so, please tell me!

Thank you so, so much and I'm sorry if my details were too long, but I love my father and my dog and things could get really ugly if this problem doesn't get fixed :(



@Gibberish Thank you! He's a maltese and apparently they do tend to be aggressive & bark a lot -.-

Anyway, I would keep him with a friend or relative but like I said, he's extremely aggressive & hates EVERYONE outside my family...The only person he doesn't hate who's not related to me is my vet so I guess I could ask him to take care of him while we're gone! :)

Dogs can be such a huge impact on our lives! Just like you, I cannot live without my doggy despite his flaws. Otherwise, I'd lose it...

Update 2:

Dogs can be such a huge impact in our lives* Sorry :P

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    I do not know where in Lebanon you are, but I googled it for you, and here are some trainers:


    Of course, it swould be nice if you could take your dog to a dog school while you are on holiday and then the dog is trained when you come to fetch him again. But, that is also expensive. Cheaper would be for one person (the same person each time) to go to a dog training course with the dog.

    The problem is that it is not as easy as that. Not only does the dog have to learn new rules, but your whole family also have to learn how to treat the dog so that he does not do all the "bad" things any more.

    Firstly, your whole family must accept that the dog is right at the bottom of the list. Everyone else is the dog´s boss. The dog only does things when his "boss" calls him to do it.

    Secondly, the family has their food first, and then the dog. No one must give the dog food from the table, no matter how cute he is looking.

    Thirdly, the dog must not sit on your bed, or on the couch/sofa. That is not the place for a dog because he is at the bottom of the list. Only the "bosses" are allowed to sit on the high places, just like it is in the wild dog families, and wolves.

    The leader dog gets the best place to sleep, to sit, the best food to eat, and the dogs at the bottom of the list must sleep away from the leader, and this dog also gets to eat what is left over, after the others have eaten.

    If you and your family can remember these 3 points, then it will already be much easier. The dog will know exactly where his position is in the family and that it will be like this every day.

    The dog must learn to sit when told, to stay and most important to come immediately when called.

    To get the dog to obey, you must always praise him when he obeys, give him a treat (which must be part of his daily food, otherwise he will get too fat). This also works when you want the dog to shut up. When he barks, tell him to stop, and if he does stop, give him a treat, praise him and stroke him. That way he will learn that he is doing the right things.

    If your dog is aggressive to other people, then he must learn not to. Tell him "no" and when he listens, praise him. If he will not listen, then do not stroke him or pet him, because then he thinks it was right to growl at other people. You can also pretend to bite him in the neck, using your hand. This is how dogs discipline each other.

    Dogs just want to work and please their people. So whenever he does something you like, praise him. And when he does something you do not want him to do, tell him in a deep voice (like a dog growling) "No, stop that!"

    If he poops in the house, say you do not like it in a deep voice, and if he poops outside, then you must really praise him. Same with his pee. He will learn that it is better for him to do it outside.

    It takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience, and it takes much, much longer than 3 weeks. It is something that you, your family and the dog have to work at every day. Every day the dog must know that he is a dog, and you and your family are the bosses, the humans.

    Good luck, if you love your dog, then you will try to change all the bad habits.

    We all love our dogs, but we must always remember that they are not humans. We have to communicate with them in "dog language".

  • I know how you feel i have a dog 2 i've had him since i was 8 he's almost 8 years old now :P he's like my lil baby ^^ i'd lose it if anything happens to him he used to run away a lot when he was a puppy once he ran away for 2 days until we finally found him i was scared to death and i couldn't stop crying xD

    Sadly there aren't many good dog trainers around :/ i even found a hard time finding a trusted vet -_- when my dog got sick we took him to at least 3 different people till we finally found out what's wrong with him, anyway if you want some training tips here are some things i tried with my dog

    Get an empty windex bottle and fill it up with water whenever your dog does something bad barks or pees yell at him say stop and spray some water at him. Try some basic training teaching him how to sit and when he listening to you give him a treat my dog was very untrained but he was never aggressive we even had cats and he got along just fine with them he was actually scared of them lol

    What breed is your dog ? sometimes it makes a difference mine is a border collie they tend to be less aggressivee.

    And as for someone to take care of him while you're gone have you tried asking a friend or relative ? i took care of my friend's cats while she was out of the country. If you can't find anyone ask your veterinariann if he's willing to take care of him find someone you can trust so you wouldn't feel worried while you're gone.

    I hope things work out i feel your pain x

    Source(s): I've had all kinds of pets :P you name it birds,cats ,dogs ,hamsters ,fish , turtles and even a snake 0_0
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    5 years ago

    I've certainly not told any person to take an 'aggressive' dog to a refuge. Once again the word 'aggressive' is being used as a vast time period on account that there are so many varieties and explanations for therefore known as 'aggression'. If persons come on this website and say their dog has KILLED other puppies i've my own set of 'guidelines' on what they ought to do concerning the dog and dumping it in a safe haven just isn't one. If a person comes on this website and says their canine has severely bitten and/or attacked a human being supposedly unprovoked I enormously advise euthanizing readily given that I don't suppose canines with unsound temperments have to be alive. There is no black and white. The gray areas are apparent in many questions. You truly have to take each and every quandary and seperate it from the 'dump it the safe haven/get a trainer/euthanize etc.' men and women on this web site who advise taking the dog to the shelter are living in a rose colored world. I rather don't suppose these people have any inclination of what most shelters are like or what they are up against. No longer each canine can be saved. No. To have that attitude in particularly unrealistic. Right now, with the overwhelming quantity of puppies in shelters I do not consider a 'spot' will have to be made for a canine of unstable temperment as a result of genetically inclined neurosis. There should not ample areas, trainers and volunteers. In all fact no canine with a chew historical past must be in a refuge. The animal needs to be put down. Whether it could be saved or now not is up for debate. Do the shelters have time for this? No. ADD: In a superb world all dogs would be owned by using accountable men and women who instruct, no canine would have genetic problems, there would be no dog mills and back yard breeders and the shelters would have empty areas. We do not are living in this form of world neither will we ever. So, the folks who want each canine to have a risk go get the dog! There are roughly SEVEN puppies for every man, lady and child in shelters. SEVEN. Dogs have got to be euthanized. Where is the realism right here? Wake up, folks.

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