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Ryan N asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago

how to see myself with a different hairstyle?

i'm going to university in a week and playing a sport that requires me to be up at like 6 a.m. i'm to lazy to do my hair before and after practices especially with two a days.. and i would find it more convenient to just have a buzz cut however i have never changed my hairstyle.. i'm looking for a site that can show me what i'd look like with a buzzcut before i go and make a fool of myself also here's a picture if anyone can give me any suggestions, thanks


oh yeah, don't care what any guy has to say. girls opinions are obviously preferred

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  • Steve
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    9 years ago
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    If "buzz cut" refers to a butch....

    .... those simulators are a waste of time and offer a false impression because they cannot know the exact contours of the skull shape, a critical factor in how well a butch suits. A butch fully suits relatively few guys. In contrast, a short pomp(pompadour) style-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- can usually be designed to fully suit most young guys and with your face shape, hairline and features, there is no reason a good barber could not design one that will more fully suit than the present faux hawk style.

    The general idea with a guy's short to medium style is to maximize and minimize the volume of hair in various areas of the head to create the illusion of a perfect oval face shape with a sort of more boxy than rounded masculine skull shape, when viewed from the front. A ridge of hair down the center of the top of the head can achieve these goals for very few combinations of male face and skull shape. The central ridge can make even a perfect oval face shape appear to be diamond shaped with a peaked skull shape. The ridge needs to be turned ninety degrees and placed at the front hairline. The regular barber shop styles-regular layer/ taper cut and the short pomp styles can achieve these goals for most guys.

    Except for an extremely short butch, known as a burr, a short pomp style is easier to groom than a butch requiring far less control wax than a formless butch or brush cut(long butch) both of which can have a mind of their own with the hair wanting to go in every direction. That is why control wax was known as butch wax back in the 50's and 60's even though every other college guy and college prep high school guy wore a crew, ivy or flat and groomed it with control wax.

    Especially athletes....

    Duke 1959...

    Wake Forest 1962...

    Butches were mostly home haircuts for pre teen boys until around the year 2000. As already stated, butches require far more control wax to properly groom. From the mid to late 60's till the early to mid 80's hardly any young guys wore short styles at all. Then from the mid 80's to around 2000, the flat top crew cut was about the only short style young guys wore.

    ivy league(long crew cut):

    medium crew cut:

    short crew cut:

    flat top crew cut:

    Search the internet for images of football(soccer) star Lukas Podolski for examples of the ivy league and crew cut styles. A minute dab of control wax aka butch wax will keep the hair looking well groomed at crew cut and ivy league length. Krew comb, jar variety, works well as do many others. A butch comb also helps with grooming the short pomp styles- the small, flat, plastic, oval, pocket brushes that one finger fits through and barbers sell for about a dollar. A boar bristle military brush is usually available for a few dollars and while too large for a guy to carry in his pocket, is nice to have at home.

    The answer at the following link describes the short styles:;_ylv=3?qid...

    Good Luck!

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