Walmart commercial song? please help?

The back to school walmart commercial has a song that I really like. It's two girls sitting at their desks and they're pulling out the same school supplies and give eachother a smile. The lyrics are something like “I will always be your friend 'til the end”

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    8 years ago
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    the singer is Jessica Mitchell, I know that because her dad was my teacher and is my moms close friend. She has been talking about how thankful she is to be a part of such a cute commercial :) anyways, I hope that helped...I don't know what the song is called but it's possible that it was just made for the commercial.

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    Yeah! That's a real catchy tune in Walmart's latest "back to school" TV commercial in Canada. And, no, Andrew. You obviously haven't been watching any recent Canadian TV programs. Your answer would be correct for last year's (2011) commercial.

    I love the the whole commercial - each of the two adorable girls unpacking their new school kit - each item identical to the other's. Funny!

    Wish somebody with better music smarts than I can ID the song and it's singer - please!

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    4 years ago

    How lovely To Be a woman it's from a play known as Bye, Bye, Birdie. It is sang with the aid of the lead girl persona, Kim. However on the business, they changed the lyrics somewhat. The customary ones are: How beautiful to be a lady The wait used to be well worth at the same time How lovely to wear mascara And smile a lady's smile How lovely to be so grown up and free existence's beautiful when you are a girl, like me good those are kind of reduce, however yeah lol.

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